Psychic Soldier Writes Book About Psy-Ops Warfare

--from ParaScope staff and wire reports

In 1995, the Pentagon released information regarding Operation Stargate, an ongoing program to explore the capabilities and possible use of psychics in intelligence operation.

Now, a former soldier is planning a book that details his exploits both on the battlefield and as a "psychic warrior" for America during the Cold War and the Gulf War.

David Morehouse was discharged from the military after refusing to use his psychic powers as a weapon. He claims the government harassed him and his family after he tried to strike a deal with corporations and Hollywood to find a more positive outlet for his purported psychic capabilities.

Morehouse has signed a deal with St. Martin's Press to write the story of how a shot to the head gave him psychic powers, and how he came to be involved in a secret plan to use his newfound psychic powers against America's enemies. Interscope Communications has optioned the film rights to Morehouse's book, "Comes the Watcher: The True Story of a Military Psychic."

After being shot in the head by a Jordanian M-60 round, Morehouse said he began to experience visions and out-of-body experiences. Not long afterward, he reports that he was enrolled in a secret Pentagon program where he worked as a remote viewer, training to visualize images and information about American military enemies.

Morehouse eventually decided to stop using his psychic powers for military purposes after participating in a secret program designed to send "malicious brain waves" to individual U.S. enemies, including Saddam Hussein during the Gulf War. The brain waves were intended to induce in their target confusion, disorientation and death.

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