Tweety Fish


Welcome to my home page!

Newly revised for Netscape, and bursting with more features than ever before, it provides you with fascinating and timely information and links for ALL of these astonishing subjects:

This is the superhero team that's making waves in the information super-wading-pool. Find out more about who they are, what they're about , and how well they sing.

This is the house where Tweety used to live, a legendary home for distinguished slackers which has entered the literature for it's parties and it's people. Take a look at both.

This is the home of the Cult of the Dead Cow Ninja Strike Force, which Tweety has the honor to lead. Follow their way for the power of the ancients.

This is where you go to find my own little virtual image gallery of pictures by my friends and I, created mostly with the help of Photoshop. If you like the art on this page, ch eck it out.

This is the Deth Vegetable's bitchin' Cult of the Dead Cow home page, with a link to, among other things, the Mr. T home page. Cooler than God.

This is fortyhex, Garbage Heap's acclaimed magazine that dares to tell the truth about computer viruses. If you want REAL info, check this out.

Like what you see? Want your home page to look this cool? Okay. Mail me for info about my web design services.

Oh, fine. Go ahead. Go back to the l0pht home page. See if I care.

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