Azzām al-Amrīki Is Osama's Right Hand Man

'Azzām The American' aka Adam Pearlman






The FBI Has Charged Him With Treason








Who Is Adam Pearlman?

A young Jewish boy from California.  His father is rock musician, and the product of Haight Asbury. As his father aged he probably had a reckoning, feeling that not only the Goyim were evil, but the Muslim were worse. A good guess is Adam grew up in a very very confused tight Jewish household, and is striking out.







His grandfather was a famous Jewish Surgeon.






Pearlman Works At A Mosque

At 17 years old, Pearlman in an attempt to bond with his 'Poppa, decides to go undercover at a mosque. He gets a job as a janitor, constantly insults the Muslims, finally attacking Haitham Bundakji, which results in assault and battery charges .





A Different Path

Adam forgets his hatred of Muslims, and now converts to one. Young Adam sheds a life of food, sex, power, money, and superiority to become a discipline of Allah.





Pearlman Has A Conversion

Pearlman is now 18 Years old, goes on a journey to Persia , meets a wise man, and converts to Islam. No more a tubby, red cheeked Bubeleh, the old Pearlman is dead and now emerges Mohamed Adam Gadahn.





Another Lawrence Of Arabia

Local Bedouins whisper around camp fires about the 'White Muslim'






Osama Bin Laden Seeks Him Out

Word reaches Osmin about the reincarnation of Lawrence of Arabia, and he begs an audience of Gadahn. Osama in awe appoints him as propaganda master, and renames him Azzam the American.

He now produces Al-Qaeda videos  in English.






A Light Onto The World

He feels Robert Fisk is a true believer






His Enemies And Friends

Adam sees Daniel Pipes as a non believer.








You Have To Be An Idiot To Believe This

This tops any holocaust story I ever read. Some crazy Jewish kid becomes a top Al Qaeda leader?

You need to understand the Zionist psyche to understand the point to this. What they are pluming the waters to see the depth of American stupidity. A similar instant is the recently passed 'Jewish Medal of Honor Law', that says Jewish soldiers must receive168 MOH because of anti Semitism. George Bush gave medals to a dentist, who said he killed 99 Japs on Iwo Jima, and a supply clerk, who said he held off 5000 Chinese for 26 hours. This was done in a White House ceremony, with the top army brass in attendance.

Maybe it's an FBI counter INTEL operation to convince Osama this clown is real, and 20 years from now we can be told that Adam Pearlman was a deep undercover operative.

In the meantime, back in the real world, one hundred Americans are dying monthly in Iraq. The only real solution is to drag Pearlman, and his brethren, out of their free scholarships in US Universities and stick them patrolling Baghdad in humvees.





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