Shoot-Out On The Danziger Bridge








This Was The Main Evacuation Route For Blacks Trapped During Katrina









This Helicopter Was Involved










New Orleans

The Danziger bridge is the only evacuation route to the east









Seven Cops Were Involved In The Shoot-Out








These Cops Are Now Charged With Murder One







The Danziger Bridge Shoot-Out

This is about some mysterious contractors who shot a couple of nosy kids, the New Orleans police showed up, and there was a massive firefight. A helicopter (Blackwater) came to the rescue, and it was shot down.

Before it could flare up, someone had the cops arrested and charged them with murder, to assure they wouldn't talk.  








Something Doesn't Add Up - Too Many Versions Of The Shootout

Version 1: ---- Police had a confrontation with some mysterious security contractors, and shot five.

Version  2---- Mystery gunman shot Army Corps of Engineers, and police killed the gunmen

Version  3-----Five looters shot at cops, so the cops killed them

Version  4-----Police shoot two looters








On 12/31/2006

Today's story has seven cops arrested for shooting two black looters.












Mystery Helicopter

A civilian helicopter crashed next to the Danziger Bridge. That chopper was a Puma-321, a military type.








The Initial Incident

Snipers killed this kid and the police showed up.








A Judge Is Jailing Seven Cops?

You don't jail seven cops over a Katrina shooting.







So, What Really Did Happen?

Seven cops didn't shoot two mentally handicapped Blacks. But, there was a shootout, it happened at the Danziger Bridge, and there were contractors  involved. Whatever the incident, the cops are now threatened with murder charges if they talk.








Here Is A Likely Scenario

Cops came across a group of Israeli demolition experts, who were doing something to the bridge. An Israeli was handling a charge that was intended to collapse the bridge, the cops confronted them, and there was a shoot-out.









Original Plan

The original plan was to stick 20,000 blacks in the superdome, and let the roof collapse, but Katrina veered. The blacks would try and make it to the bridge, but it was to have an 'accident', similar to the levees. With no bridge, there would be mass casualties.








It's About A Race War

When the economy collapses, the Zionists want a race war. The ideal scenario the Zionist wanted, was for thousand of blacks to die in New Orleans, while Bush and the regular whites sat back as New Orleans turned into Dante's inferno.








What We Do Know

There were a swarm of Israeli demolition experts in New Orleans. A large boom was heard before the levee collapsed, a year later the town sits rotting. The blacks are gone, the Zionist crowd from Las Vegas, and Atlantic City, are buying the town up, and will turn it into the Las Vegas of the South.







Do You Think He Will Tell You About Explosives?

Picture five Israelis caught with demolitions, a gun battle ensues, and a Puma 321 helicopter comes to their rescue. You have three dead, two wounded, and a military helicopter shot down. Because of the internet, this incident will not be buried like the USS Liberty has been for over 40 years.










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