The Great Wisconsin Library Wars








The USS Liberty Library At Grafton Wisconsin







Grafton Wisconsin Is God's Country








Grafton Is A Small Old Town In Wisconsin








Settled By Good Hardworking Germans






Grafton Wisconsin Via 1944






Grafton's Veteran Day Parade

From Anzio, to Normandy, and onto Berlin, Grafton sent it's finest







Grafton Sits On The Wisconsin River









 'Golda Meir' Library At The University Of Wisconsin

Funded by the American Taxpayer












The Story Of Two Libraries

In 1972 the University of Wisconsin built a massive library, named it the Golda Meir Library, and Christian students on campus objected. The college administrators refused to rename it, and name stuck. The local Hillel sent lists of protesting students to Jewish professors, who would 'review' these students.

In Grafton, Wisconsin, 18 miles away a small community (population 8,500) a library was named The USS Liberty Memorial library, but this time all hell broke loose.







Grafton Wisconsin

Just 18 miles due north of the Milwaukee campus on the shore of Lake Michigan the town of Grafton, population 8,500, decided recently to replace the aging and overcrowded town library. 






Money Was From Private Individuals

Unlike the Golda Meir library, the Grafton library was to be built almost entirely with private donations. A $250,000 pledge from the brothers Ted and Ben Grob, who own a Grafton machine tool business.

The town said the Grobs could name the library and they chose to name it The USS Liberty Memorial Library,"  and the town council approved.








The Dedication

The Jewish community went berserk when the name was chosen.






Jewish People Opposed It

Gideon Goldenholz, rabbi of the Beth El Ner Tamid Synagogue in nearby Mequon, called it a cynical act" which carries "a hint of anti-Semitism" and is therefore "insulting to Jews."

Phone calls and letters from Israeli spokesmen in Milwaukee urged
local donors to withdraw their contributions because of the "anti-Semitic"






Citizens Threatened And Federal Aid Cancelled

Soon Jim Grant, city manager. discovered that someone was checking into his background, verifying his military record, and otherwise searching for some fodder for a scandal. Librarian Kathy Kafka learned that persons unknown were attempting to verify her academic record.

Almost immediately Grant learned that the $83,000 federal
commitment had been "postponed" because of complaints about the "anti-Semitic"







Chicago Newspapers Join In

Next, a solid barrage of stories about the library appeared in five area newspapers and the Chicago Tribune.







Rubin Fromstein

"The USS Liberty incident has become a rallying point for anti-
Israel and anti-Semetic  people and groups," wrote Rubin Fromstein for
the Milwaukee Jewish Council.  The letters flowed.







The Golda Mier Library Is Publicly Funded

The whole thing is dedicated to this Israeli bag women, with paintings of Israeli wars, and their heroes.







Endless School Plays

Students at the University have to sit through endless workshops glorifying this flea infested hag.







War Heroes To The Rescue

When survivors Joe Meadors and John Hrankowski visited Grafton
with former congressman Pete McCloskey to answer townspeople's questions, the
Journal did not find the event worthy of coverage until forced to do so days
later when readers complained.






USS Liberty Survivors Received Death Threats At Dedication

Protesters came in via bus from Milwaukee to disrupt the groundbreaking. Hecklers attended the dedication. Police were on hand to provide protection. But the library went up as planned and has not been the focus of further controversy.









Should The Library Name Be Changed, And The USS Liberty Crew Apologize?

Yes - The attack on the USS Liberty was an accident
No - Maybe The USS Cole, the massacre of 243 marines in Beirut, and 9/11 was more Israeli intrigue free polls




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