Jewish Settler Shot Four Defenseless Arabs

At his trial, Asher Weissgan said,  "I would do it again today"




He Lived In The Gaza Settlements

He killed four Arabs who worked at the Jewish settlement






Jewish Settlers Often Hunt Arabs

Eden Zaada, another Jew,  killed four Arabs outside the settlement of Shfaram






Weissgan's Sentence Will Be Five Years

Normally this settler wouldn't even be tried, but he insulted Ariel Sharon. He will get five years at a minimum security prison, where he gets furloughs, and all the visitors he wants. He will be paroled in two years.









What Did He Do?

Asher Weissgan was driving four of his Arab employees home when he stopped at the settlement gate, snatched a rifle from a settlement security guard, and shot dead four Palestinian employees. This occurred at the Shilo industrial zone on August 17, 2005. article









Settlers Are All Time Bombs

These clowns sit in these hilltop enclaves and brood. They came from Russia, and Americans paid all their expenses.









Actual Gangs

They come out of the hilltop settlements and ravage Arab villages.









Soldiers Protect The Settlers

Jewish teenagers assault Arab women, and the soldiers arrest the women if she strikes back.









This Will Be America In Twenty Years

Even today, in certain areas like Brighton Beach and South Florida,  you have murders, rapes, etc where Jewish people aren't prosecuted. After the coming economic implosion, there will be a host of protective laws (Russia did it in 1920's) for the special protection of the Jewish people.







Natalee Holloway murder

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