Harold Shipman

Shipman is the world's most infamous serial killer.








Harold Shipman Was A British Doctor








Shipman Admits to Killing 260 Woman







A Pompous Kid, And Arrogant Adult 








One Of History's Most Hushed-Up Events

Why did the most diabolical mass murder in history get so little coverage? The simple fact is that Harold Shipman appears to be Jewish.








What Did Shipman Do?

He used opium to kill 260 patients, and the reason was for money. His victims were mainly elderly ladies who had substantial assets, but few relatives. Shipman would forge their wills, steal their jewels, and take their cash and bonds. He even got a kickback from the cremation facilities.








Harry Shipman was born in 1946, and has four children. One of his kids is a doctor.






Shipman's Background

Shipman's' career started in 1974 as a General Practitioner in Yorkshire.

He was considered to be arrogant, and soon was found to be selling pain pills, he was fined £600 for forgery and prescription fraud. From 1975, till 1993, he had partners, which he then left to go on his own in 1993.








Dr Shipman's Surgery in Hyde, Greater Manchester

This was a "pill mill", and one of his many schemes.





Shipman's Staff

He had a staff of five, but it was Dr. Linda Reynolds that first suspected him.






Ghislaine Brant 

Mrs. Ghislaine Brant, who managed Battersby’s Chemist near Shipman’s Market Street practice in Hyde, was said to have handed out massive amounts of diamorphine to Shipman without question.







Who Caught Him?

Dr Reynolds suspected him, and Angela Woodruff caught him.







Angela Woodruff

Shipman killed her 83 yr-old mother, and forged the will.






Chief Inspector Mike Williams

During their interviews with him, a highly confident Shipman denied all charges. Detective Chief Inspector Mike Williams said: "He was an arrogant type of individual to deal with. 








The Shrink Says

Dr Richard Badcock said, Shipman had a woman-hating complex, combined with greed. 







The Judge Was Mr. Justice Forbes

Shipman was tried on fifteen deaths in a two-week trial. They said the motive was, he had watched his sick mother suffer, and thought he was helping elderly woman.

He was convicted and sentenced to life in prison.






Prosecutor  Enriquez

He wanted Shipman put away pronto.







Shipman's Wife

She claimed they were penniless.






Shipman's Convenient Suicide

Shipman hung himself on January 13th, 2004. Shipman confessed to a temporary cellmate that he killed 508 patients. The truth is he was murdered to make this whole incident vanish. The English legal system is destroying all his artifacts, so they don't wind up with another 'Jack the Ripper' in a wax museum.








It Certainly Is Odd  How This Monster Was Forgotten

Everything from the quickie trial, to silly motives, to no investigation of his partners, his staff, and so on. Where are the books, and movies?

The silence on this guy is deafening.







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