Here Is Why The Zionists Want To Attack Iran







75% Of The World's Oil Sits In The Middle East






Big Map Of  Zagros Oil Belt







Iran Is Not About Nuclear Weapons

Iran is about giant untapped oil fields. Iran is about giant untapped oil fields. Zionists want to control the world's oil supply. Israel will arrange a massive False Flag terror attack, such as a nuke in a city like Des Moines, or a missile attack on an aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf. We will hit Iran with nukes, the world economy will collapse, and in a few years, the Zionists will "come to our rescue".

Their answer will be a one-world currency. It will not be a paper fiat one, but will instead be a rock-solid commodity-based version. And that currency will be based on gold and oil. As an added treat, we might very well have a one world government, with a Zionist mind-master at the helm.






US Bases Guard The Pipelines

The Trillion Dollar War

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