The European Union Passes Hate Laws





What Is The European Union

27 countries that want a unified trade, foreign policy, and judicial system.





It's Just A Zio-Scam

Another multi-cultural stew, with a Central Bank and Judicial System controlled by Zionists.






Today's Big Battle

European Union nations agreed Thursday on new rules to combat racism and hate crimes across the 27-nation bloc, including setting jail sentences for those who deny or trivialize the Holocaust.





Either Believe Or Go To Jail

Most people just glossed over the Holocaust, but with the advent if the internet, that entire fairy tale is unraveling. People now discover Red Cross records that confirm 272,000 dead Jews, 95% dead from typhus, old age, and starvation.

Anne Frank lived in a glass apartment on a small city park, and her story was written by a NY playwright named Meyer Levin.






Europeans Are Sick Of Wealthy Frauds

Up until five years ago, there was basically the newspapers and TV, but with the internet these clowns are being examined.






It's Not Just About Their Hoaxes

They don't want people to unite and rise up against their plots. The Zionists have British and American kids dying in Iraq, and soon Iran. Their 1000-year plan could go up in smoke, simply because people are getting info with alternate viewpoints.






EU Justice and Home Affairs Commissioner

Franco Frattini said the new rules were aimed at sending a strong message of Europe's commitment to fighting racism, xenophobia, and anti-Semitism.





It's No Longer Germany

You question 6,000,000 being gassed, put in ovens, and their ashes thrown in the wind, and you are going to jail for three years.

If you are in the Swiss Alps, and you go to an internet cafe and hit a chat room, look out.






Don't You Criticize Sarkozy

You better not question he is supported by pro-Israeli factions, or suggest any connection to the agents provocateurs behind the French riots, where Muslims were blamed.

You could be charged with Anti-Semitism, homophobia, and defamation of a Zionist.





The Laws And The Judicial

All you have to do is look at the Anna Nicole Smith case, or the Duke rape case. The Zionists have the control the legal ranks, the courts, and now they have the laws.






Compromise On Communism

Zypries said that certain alleged genocides,  notably those committed during Soviet or Communist time, would be exempt. So European children must be taught about  Anne Frank, but no mention of the Jewish genocide of 50,000,000 Russians.





Education Is The Next Step

Yad Vashem, Israel's Holocaust memorial authority said, "We welcome the EU Holocaust denial legislation but it must be accompanied by educational activity,"







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