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This website explores Zev Barkan and the mystery of the News Zealand passports

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What was their purpose ?










The passports were used to legally import girls from Russia and the Ukraine and lose their real identifies

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Zev and his Israeli accomplices ran a studio making ' Snuff and porno movies in Cambodia





The studios are on this Mekong river at Pen Yau

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The feeding grounds for Jewish vampires and their snuff films







The resort where the girls and tourists were kept

Zev and his band of vampires roamed all over Cambodia and Vietnam searching for students and young tourists. With the help of renegade Mossad agents they would arrange a car accident and a friendly Cambodian official supplied them with a death certificate,

They used the original passports to send the cremated body in urns if the Australian or New Zealand relatives wanted the remains



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They actually had a studio with professional cameras

Girls from New Zealand, Australia and Europe thought they would become movie stars

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Their humble beginnings were porno


The first studios were in Phnom Phen behind a local bar. Visiting students in need of money were recruited.

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They quickly realized the exotic market was 20 times more profitable


The initial movies were simple execution films of hangings and executions of city vagrants

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They soon move up to suicide films

"  Russian Roulette "


A Philippine worker had his choice of five guns - four were empty and he got $ 10,000 for the first try and $ 20,000 for the second

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Now they add plots

Mexican gangster films Kids torn apart by dogs Man dies after bite by rabid dog
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Girl scout gets raped and murder







Israel is angry that their citizens are arrested

New Zealand Has Soli...



New Zealand Has Solid Evidence of Mossad death Squads operating in S.E Asia that have Killed Australians

I am an Australian that worked for a major NGO in Cambodia my exposure to the mossad murder squads operating in the S.E. Asia came about through the acquaintance of a fellow Australian.

I met Brian at the boarder town of KIoh Kong. Brian was young man from Sydney that had just finished school with an English Major and had come to Australia to teach English for a year we talked in length about how he had lost his entire family in an accident his desire to help the impoverished Cambodian people.
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Jewish Highschool teacher suspected in supplying kids


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Fourth "Israeli spy" a Kiwi academic

Francis Till

Current affairs and entertainment broadcast programme Holmes on Friday revealed the identity of a man it said was the mysterious fourth suspect in the drip-fed passport affair, Anthony (Tony) David Resnick.

Mr Resnick is 35-year-old family man and former St John Ambulance paramedic -- and a native New Zealander who spent 13 years in Israel, at least part of them as an ambulance worker.

During the opening segment of the half-hour show, presenter Paul Holmes fronted a story reported by Robyn Janes that said Mr Resnick was a "person of interest" to the police and that he had left the country without warning on the 24th of March and had since resigned from his job.

Ms Janes said that unspecified sources had told the Holmes programme that police had executed a search warrant on Mr Resnick's office at Auckland University of Technology, where he had been working for the last several years as a lecturer. The Resnick family home, where he lived with his wife and children, is now empty, the Holmes programme reported, and Mr Resnick's father said he had been in contact with his son but did not indicate where his son might be.

The New Zealand Herald said Mr Resnick had gone to Israel, but did not substantiate that claim. It somewhat oddly identified Mr Resnick as "a practicing Jew," and said he had been a member of the Jewish Council in Auckland.

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