Zapata Corporation



Mercenaries arrested for firing on Marines







Mannie Zapata

Got a $120 million-dollar contract from the Department of Defense for bomb disposal.








Zapata's Mercs were driving around Fallujah shooting Arabs, as well as shooting at Marines.

By coincidence, snipers hit a Marine outpost.







Only in America

An ambitious Jewish Chilean, immigrates to America, and becomes an accountant for Duke Power. Suddenly, he decides to start a bomb disposal company and receives a $ 120,000,000 contract contract from the DoD.








The incident



Marines under fire


Mercenaries attack Marine outpost

In Falluja, on May 28, Marines of Regimental Combat Team 8 spotted a convoy of sport-utility vehicles firing at Iraqi civilians. A few hrs later a Marine patrol was fired on  . Later in the day, a Marines observation post came under sniper fire. Once Marines realized the firing was related to the civilian convoy the Marines had to take action, Lt. Col. Lapan said.

As the convoy tried to flee Fallujah the Marines  laid spike strips on the road exiting Fallujah. Marines from an observation post stopped nineteen employees working for a contract security firm. Marines surrounded the armored SUV, and the mercenaries quickly surrendered. They were handcuffed and vehicles searched.







Marines detained the contractors and later impounded several anti-tank weapons, hand grenades, as well as a AK-47 assault rifle, according to Lt. Col. Dave Lapan. They were brought to Camp Fallujah, where they were questioned about what they were doing in Fallujah, and about the attack on the Marines. They refused to speak and were detained for three days. Their passengers were from the Parsons Corporation.

All of them were deported out of Iraq.  







The Mercenaries' story

The Marines dragged us out of our vehicles, kicked us to the ground, called us names and ripped off our religious necklaces (Star of David). "They were calling us a rogue mercenary team."

These particular Mercs are paid $350,000 a year to work in Iraq!

All of the men have since resigned from Zapata Engineering, company executives said.







High roller Las Vegas attorney

Marshal Schopper takes the case. "Marines put their knees on the backs of their necks and ripped off religious medallions," Marshal Schopper, an attorney purportedly representing two of the detained workers, told The Charlotte Observer.









Roy Brown

Who is Zapata Engineering ?

Zapata is into bomb disposal. Zapata got an additional $43.8 million contract with the military to manage ammunition disposal. The company has about 200 security workers, and ammunition experts in Iraq. The DoD awarded them a total contract of $ $1,478,838,958 or $ 1.48 billion.

"The work is inherently dangerous,” said Jay Brown, the vice president of Zapata Engineering. “But these are well-qualified people. They deal with munitions all the time.”

Here is a video of Zapata Engineering's work in Iraq, where it collects and destroys captured ammunition such as land mines and rocket-propelled grenades. Their duties serve as the ultimate cover for carrying out false-flag terror bombings.

All of the men have since resigned from Zapata Engineering, company executives said.









Zapata spokesman

Gail Rosenberg, a company spokeswoman, said "The security specialists were mostly former military types, trained as security personnel."

According to Zapata, its convoy, which was transporting supplies and materials from Baghdad to Fallujah, was stopped that day when spike strips placed in the road flattened their tires. In a statement, the company said the employees were on a routine convoy, with 14 security specialists guarding two technical staff and three local maintenance workers. The statement did not mention any gunfire incidents and alleges that the employees were mistreated while in custody .

Zapata has a $43.8 million contract with the military to manage ammunition disposal; the company has about 200 security workers and ammunition experts in Iraq.







Who are these contractors

They are a mix of mis-fits, ex-Rangers and ex-Seals, but a good portion of the key supervisors are Israeli / American dual- nationals. A substantial portion of the companies that perform private contract work in Iraq are owned by Zionist Jews.







Abu Ghraib prison

That scandal, which infuriated Muslims and made life tougher on Marines, was generated by Israelis hired by CACI. Thanks to our Zionist-controlled press, the images were flashed around the world, thus by doing massive damage to the image of the American military.









Contractors appear at bomb site

Who the hell are these contractors?

In this picture, there has been a massive bombing at a Mosque and they are there within minutes.

Contractors claim these are 'Insurgents' that impersonate them.







Mercs even have a PR man

Robert Young Pelton, with the Lavin agency, writes books and does PR for the Mercenaries.









Think about this story

Nineteen people, who said they were defusing bombs, of which 8 were said to be Ex-marines, were dragged from their car at gun point, beaten to the ground, had their 'Religious Medallions' ripped off, and were handcuffed. Next, they are taken to Camp Fallujah, stripped, put in orange jump suits, given a Torah, a prayer rug, a bottle to urinate in, interrogated, weapons put to their heads, had dogs put on them, and locked up. Oddly, the contractors wanted Amnesty International to help them.

Would Marines treat fellow Marines like this? Would ex-Marines fire on a Marine outpost and a Marine patrol, or is the truth, that these were dual-citizen Israelis?







Where do these contractors come from?

Triple Canopy, another elite ex-military special operations mercenary firm appeared out of nowhere and is centered in the exclusive community of Lincolnshire, Illinois.









So what really happened?

Zionists pushed Bush into Iraq, and they are the ones behind these $200,000 a year mercenaries. They are controlled by $350,000 a year ex-IDF officers, paid for by DoD, and US taxpayers. In this particular instance, they drove around Fallujah shooting Muslims, who naturally will arm themselves in self-defense. Next, they hit a Marine outpost, knowing they will retaliate on the Muslims.

The problem came when a Marine patrol, or a UAV, spotted their parked trucks during the mercenaries sniper operation.

The fact that the Marines arrested them, that someone with enough power had them deported, and they suddenly all resigned and vanished - tells the tale.





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