Israeli Terror Teams Behind London Attacks
Entire top half of bus blown off


Building Covered In Blood







Top Half Of The Bus 







Massive bombs sprayed body parts on buildings










Near simultaneous explosions rocked the London subway system and three double-decker buses during the morning rush hour on Thursday. At least 45 people were killed in the carnage.

The Mossad has been blowing up buses in Israel for years. The London bus was their MO, notice the timing with the G-8 conference, and as usual the target was poor immigrants.

What the news media isn't discussing is, Edgware Road station is the most heavily Arab-populated part of London.












What Happened?

On 7 July 2005 there was a series of coordinated suicide bomb attacks on London's public transport system during the morning rush hour. At 08:50, three bombs exploded within fifty seconds of each other on three London Underground trains. A fourth bomb exploded on a bus nearly an hour later at 09:47 in Tavistock Square.

The bombings killed 56 people, including the four bombers, injured 700.








Who Were The Bombers

Mohammad Khan was a 30 yr old, who had a pregnant wife and child. Shehzad Tanweer was 22, and worked at his parents fish and chips store. Germaine Lindsay was 19, and had a pregnant wife. Hasib Hussain was 18, and lived in Leeds with sister-in-law Shazia.

Despite being sophisticated remote control bombs, the Arabs decided to kill themselves. All the bombs went off within 50 seconds of each other.  9










The Victims

The majority were working people (janitors, clerks, etc.). Over half were recent immigrants. 7








Their Motives For The Killing

Zio-Terror experts say these Arabs  hated Israel, and America, for being in Iraq. 6






Very Similar To Israeli Bombings

In 2002, the Mossad used a massive bomb on Israel's bus 19, which was loaded with Russian, Thai, Bulgarian, (3rd world immigrants that clean Israeli office buildings). Israel now uses this bus as a traveling exhibit that tours America.






The Bus Tours America

American Christian Zionist display this sideshow at churches, malls, and even Universities. The local Zionists even have anti Israeli protestors, Muslim speakers, and violent protestors in place for maximum theatrical effect.

Short history of Mossad bus bombs.








Israeli Negev Training Base

Israel published a picture of their "Elite Commando" base, where they practice anti-terrorist tactics. The clowns accidentally used a picture of themselves blowing up buses.






Israel identifies explosives

The London attacks are very similar to the  Beslan attacks in Russia, as well as the Madrid train bombings.

Explosives were military grade, identical to what the Mossad used on the bombing of the bar, Mike's Place.








Security Connected To Israeli Company

London's underground rail system uses this contractor for transportation security. A security company was running a 1,000 man drill when the explosions took place.

Interesting interview WMV video








Why Do They Blow Up Buses?

The Elite Sephardic Zionists are planting mind seeds, this establishes their victim hood. Zionist are on the verge of collapsing the world economy, and they need a fall guy, and that's the Arabs. Abu Nidal, a Mossad operative, hijacked jets for 30 years so we would believe Muslims would fly jets into skyscrapers.

Basically they set up a pattern so Arabs are automatically labeled, look at Bali, the Sinai, and the last 60 yrs..

 Zionists go to ridiculous extremes to make Muslims appear evil. Look at this website







Police identify bombers ..All British born ...No reason to die

Shehzad Tanweer, 22, a university graduate. Hasib Mir Hussain 18, happily married with a 8 month old baby Mohammed  Sadique Khan, 30, a teacher for disabled children, has 14 month old, and wife is pregnant. Jermaine Lindsay has a one-year-old son, is expecting her second baby within days.

They all had two way tickets.






If This Were A Real Islamic Attack

If these attacks were really Muslims, the targets would be Jews. 'Rich and powerful Jews', to be more exact.








Why Would Muslims Kill Their Own?

A Jewish conference, an exclusive Jewish restaurant, synagogues, Jewish banks, etc. The Muslims would want the world to know that Jews are the Muslim's real enemies.

Who benefits from bombing a bus-load of working Britains?







Damage Control

Israel-watchers expected this, but ordinary people are quickly becoming leery of Israel. With more and more people getting their news from the internet, these schemes are becoming extremely risky. Everything from the USS Liberty, to the Marine barracks bombing in Beirut, Lebanon which claimed the lives of 224 Marines, to 19 IDF mercenaries attacking Marines in Iraq, are quickly becoming common knowledge.








Despite Israel's ban on commenting

Benjamin Netanyahu, who just happened to be in London, escaped unharmed. Netanyahu, who was an Israeli assassin/commando, will soon lecture the world on evil Arabs.

Ex-Mossad chief praises 'Muslim' expertise.






Bush and Blair ... Two Israeli Poodles

Now these two have a green light to retaliate against all Muslims. People now accept the inevitability of an attack on Iran.

Listen for more talk of a Nuclear Iran.











What Can The World Expect?

Countless news reports have told the world that Arabs have bombed Israeli buses, killing hundreds. Bush and Blair continue screeching about the 'Axis of Evil'.

But the final payoff will be Iran. Israel wants the Mideast states destroyed. Israel also wants the land of the Arabs, and hoodwinks church people into thinking that the Israeli nation is God's "special group". The world will gather behind Israel as it attacks Iran. The fact that all the Mideast oil will be pumped through Haifa will be incidental.

The London attacks will only be a minor part of a series of Israeli false-flag terror attacks. To generate and harness maximum anger against the Arab world, Israel will probably use a tactical nuke to destroy a city in the American Midwest.






False Flag Summary

Jew Poses As Muslim Cleric

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