IDF Balks At Sport Shooting Restrictions

Foreign peace activists, such as the ISM, are presently off limits








Activists protect children, farmers harvesting, and document rapes









ISM Volunteers Have Put An End To This









Volunteers put their lives on the line protecting kids










ISM Have Stopped Settler Gangs That Attack Isolated Arab Villages

ISM members photographed these raids











What Is the Story Here?

The ISM (International Solitary Movement) plants foreign activists in Israel's worst areas, and their job is to protect, document, and photograph Israeli atrocities. The soldiers, and the settlers, hate them. The Russian immigrant settlers, that infest hilltops around Arab villages, swoop down out of the hills and rape, kill, and steal from the poor villagers.

The other group are bored IDF soldiers that kidnap and rape children at isolated checkpoints. The ISM documents this, and all Israeli armored thrusts into undefended West Bank villages.








ISM Volunteer Victims

Rachel Corrie who was killed when run over by a bulldozer







Reporter Shot In The Face

Brian Avery was protecting school children when a IDF shot half his face off.








Documenting Sexual Assaults

Attractive young Palestinian women are at mercy of the IDF, since Israeli leadership won't charge soldiers. Since the soldier's pictures have hit the internet, the rapes have lessened.











Settler 'Hunter/Killer Squads'

Settlers, who sit idly by on hilltops, form groups and harass Arab villagers.







The 'Doctor'

Shahar Dvir-Zeliger was alleged to dismember Arab children, and blow up schools.








Settler Theft

Settlers, mainly Russian Jews, robbed from Arab villagers at will, and Israeli soldiers do nothing.







Settlers Don't Work









Settler Shooting Farmers

When settlers came across an Arab that wouldn't abandon his farm , they often assassinated them.








Hideous Fiends

One such group called themselves the Werewolves of Hebron Hills.








ISM Shut Down The 'Death Dogs'

In the Jenin massacre, there were always rumors that Jewish soldiers had specially trained dogs, that killed Arabs. ISM documentation shut this down.

Their claim was the dogs were used to find bombs.









Israelis Are Livid

These young ISM peaceniks have Zionists in a rage. The Rachel Corries, and Tom Hurndalls, have become martyrs, and they have done more to expose Jewish butchery, than a hundred NY Times.

Once all eyes are on Iran, these activists will be fair game.







Wal-Mart Health subsidies

Israel to attack Iran

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