More Zionist propaganda?



An Israeli website posing as Iranian





Jerome warns us of the evil Mullahs and their plans to nuke us






As Israel attempts to have the USA fight another one of its wars of conquest, this time against Iran, the propaganda has become laughable. This site attempts to explain some of the nonsense and tactics, that Zionists use to brainwash the American public into fighting wars for them, while they steal the oil and land of their Arab neighbors.

When a site, as ludicrous as,, gets passed off as legitimate by a known Zionist poodle op, like  World Net Daily, then we are all in real trouble.








Look to Hollywood to see what Israel has in store for us



Mad Arabs attack the Super Bowl with a blimp carrying a bomb.


Israel always goes for the dramatic. There would be plenty of cameras to catch the action. No need for Israelis to be filming and get arrested like the five in New York.






How Many Evil Arabs has Chuck killed?


In the President's man, evil Arabs kidnap the President's wife. Chuck is called in and they will soon learn not to mess with America. Will these soul-less Muslims/Israelis ever learn?

If Chuck doesn't stop them, then Denzel and Bruce Willis will!








Arabs/Israelis Hire Assassins

Maybe a British Royal or a New Zealand prime minister?







Thank God For Israel and it's Mossad

Travolta As Rogue Mossad Agent "Swordfish"

If it wasn't for Hollywood, how would we know that the Israelis are the good guys, protecting us?

Without Hollywood, I would never know of the Iranian Mullahs' plots to take over Van Nuys, California, and force California surfer babes to wear Burkas.







Why should we die for Israel?


While Zionists' children attend Harvard on government grants, the Smiths, Jacksons, Martins, and Williams, are dying in Israeli-created wars.

8000 year-old artifacts from the Baghdad museum wind up in New York, and we pay billions to re-build the Mosul-Haifa pipeline.







Israel got us into Iraq, and all we got is over 12,000 maimed soldiers, over 1,500 dead, and an economy that is imploding from the debt of this war.

If Israel wants to invade Iran, then let them do it, but without our $55 mil F-15's, and other military equipment that Dov Zakheim fraudulently classified as surplus and gave to them. Let Sharon take some Israeli kids, and they can die in Iran.

I am sure that the American Zionists, that always sit out wars in Harvard and Yale, would love to join the fight for their homeland of "Eretz Israel".

American marines dying for Israel