The Atlanta Olympics Bomber

Is Eric Rudolph really guilty, or is he a patsy?







The 1996 Atlanta Olympics








Eric Rudolph Had Infantile Autism







This Entire Episode Is One Big Hoax

You need to place it all in a timeline, and then consider the characters involved. It was the late 1980's and the Christian groups were fed up with the Zionist abortion agenda. And as this Christian group grew, some people decided that God wanted these monsters stopped, so they shot five doctors, and harassed these lucrative "golden goose" clinics.

These clinics were on the ropes until they were handed a gift in Eric Rudolph.









Abortions Are Lucrative

Planned Parenthood was worth $8 billion, and they only make up 17% of the total abortion industry's power.








Zionist Abortion Doctor

Amherst, N.Y.:  Physician Barnett Slepian, 52, was shot and killed in his house.







Pensacola, Fla.: 

Physician David Gunn was killed outside a clinic in Pensacola.







Vancouver Doctor

Physician Jack Fainman was shot in the right shoulder







Atlanta Olympics Bombing

Zionists contend that Eric Rudolph was the mad bomber.  When fingers pointed at Irv Rubin, the JDL, and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), they all quickly denied any involvement.  






The Other Side Lounge Bomb

In 1997, Eric Rudolph struck again, this time at a Lesbian bar in Atlanta, Georgia.







The Birmingham Clinic Bomb

On January 29, 1998, Eric Rudolph was accused of setting off a sophisticated remote control bomb. 5

This is close to the Southern Poverty Law Center, whose headquarters is in nearby Montgomery.






Some Unusual Victims

Instead of killing the four millionaire doctors, Rudolph killed a cop and a nurse?







Abortion Industry Spokespeople Arrive Within Hours

Ann Glazier of Planned Parenthood, Kathy Spiller of Feminist Majority Foundation, Susan Hill of National Women's Health Organization, Diane Derzis of New Woman All Women, and Mary Ellen Greenfield arrive to speak out.






250 Abortion Clinics Get Anthrax Threat Letters

WASHINGTON - Some 250 U.S. abortion clinics have received mailed anthrax threats since Oct. 15. from a group called 'IN THE NAME OF GOD'

Such threats by mail are nothing new for groups like Planned Parenthood Federation of America, the Feminist Majority Foundation and the National Abortion Federation, where the threat of anthrax contamination has been a concern since 1998.    Source









The ADL Was Tracking Rudolph

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) actually monitored Eric Robert Rudolph's extremism, and reported its findings to law enforcement.

Rudolph had connections from childhood to a number of anti-Semitic, racist and anti-government movements or groups, especially Christian Identity such as the North Carolina-based Northpoint Tactical Teams.   Source








The SPLC's News Bulletin 'The Propagandist'

Neal Horsley, America's leading anti-abortion Webmaster, is the profane voice of the extreme Christian right 9

At first glance, Neal Horsley appears to be the merry old uncle of his neighborhood on a cul-de-sac in a middle-class Atlanta suburb. Irreverent, amusing and animated, Horsley seems for all the world a warm and faithful husband, a friend to children, an iconoclastic conversationalist and wry commentator on the state of the world.  Source








The Jewish Defense League

The JDL was founded by Irving Rubin, who was suspected for crimes of murder, assault, and bombs were his specialty.








Eric Holder

Eric Holder, a Zionist agent who is partially of Jewish ancestry, was Deputy Attorney-General under President Bill Clinton. He was close to Morris Dees, and the SPLC, who wanted Rudolph's trial in Birmingham, where the SPLC could guide the events. Eric Holder made sure the trial was in Birmingham.    6








The Southern Poverty Law Center

All these bombings took place within 100 miles of the SPLC. On the other hand Eric Rudolph lived in North Carolina, and was never in Birmingham.








Eric Rudolph Was No Terrorist

Eric was illiterate, and had some learning disabilities. He was taken care of by his mother, because he was disabled from infantile autism. He was captured while rummaging through a dumpster.

He was the only one arrested, which is odd. Considering he was accused of being part of some great anti-abortion militia terror group.








 It's Not Hard To Figure Out

The Zionists saw their 'cash cow' abortion business going up in smoke, so they turned to their age-old 'False Flag' approach. Notice the Atlanta Olympics were chosen for high visibility, the bombing was caught on video. Then we had the ongoing saga of Richard Jewell, the only Jewish security guard in Georgia. I especially like the Anthrax touch. Eric Rudolph was autistic, and not capable of these three terror attacks, or building sophisticated remote control bombs.

What is the connection between Eric Rudolph, an abortion clinic, a lesbian bar, and the Olympic games?  There is none, other than a Zionist agenda of high visibility.







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