Zionists Gun Down An English Police Woman In 1984



British "Bobby" gun downed by Jewish assassin.






She Lays Dying From A Massive Wound







Zionists Stage A Demonstration In Front Of The Libyan Embassy








The trajectory of the bullet pinpoints it to coming from an Israeli building







Yvonne Fletcher

The bullet went through her back and hit people on the left.





The Protest Was Being Filmed

Zionists knew the full horror would be captured on tape.







Yvonne Fletcher's Death Photo








What Happened?

In 1984, there was a planned demonstration in front of the Libyan Embassy in London. A policewoman (Yvonne Fletcher) was hit by a sniper with a high-powered rifle. The media and England blamed Libya and Gaddafi.







The Shot Came From A Mossad Espionage Building

Israel maintains a spy operation in a building 300' from the Libyan Embassy. Just four minutes later, at 10.19 A.M., a 3-shot burst of automatic fire rang out. Yvonne Fletcher was hit by the first bullet in her upper right back.









Massive damage from .762 mm bullet 5 exit hole

Bullet entry angle was 60 degrees from the horizontal, with an exit wound visible below the left rib cage. If the entry and exit wounds are lined up with her known height, and her televised position when the shots were fired, the line of fire backtracks precisely to the top floor of 8 St James Square







Police conveniently find guns in Libyan Consul

That day, the British authorities searched the entire building and found nothing. It was not until  May 2nd, 1984, five days after the extensive military search, that the Metropolitan Police suddenly 'found' 4,367 rounds of 9-mm and .22 caliber ammunition, 7 pistols, two Sterling pistol grips, and two Sterling magazines in the Libyan Embassy.

Who was fooling who? If the weapons and ammo were Libyan property they would certainly have been loaded into one of the 18 Libyan diplomatic bags which left the country unopened Source








Damage was too massive for 9 mm

This was a standard Israeli sniper rifle of the time

Most of the police women's lung was outside her rib cage. Here is a 90 second  movie of the killing.








Twenty Five Years Later

Sir Paul Stephenson, stands with Michael Winner (nee Weiner), the Jewish founder and chairman of the Police Memorial Trust, at a ceremony to mark the 25th anniversary of the killing of WPC Yvonne Fletcher on April 17, 2009 in London.










Israel is on a constant campaign to portray Muslims as monsters and terrorists. In Tripoli, they transmitted a message, pretending to be Arabs, about a bomb in a German Disco, where they killed two American soldiers. They blew up Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie, and blamed it on Libya.

They are about to collapse the world financial system by staging a nuclear attack. All their schemes are just a propaganda ploy so the world accepts Arabs as the monsters behind this.







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