Mossad attack at Taba

Taba is a resort on the Egypt Israel border







Taba Hilton

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Hit by a massive bomb






History of Taba



Taba: .... An ancient Egyptian port city on the Gulf of Eilat. After the 1967 war the Israelis occupied the Gaza and turned this historic village into a luxury resort. In 1989 Israel was forced to turn Taba back to Egypt.


Citadel of Salah ad-Din St Catherine Monastery





The attack

Front of hotel is missing

A vegetable truck was driven in front of the lobby area by two terrorists - they got out and two minutes later the truck blew up.  The two attacks on the camp grounds were also abandoned vehicles.

Truck explodes in front of lobby

Two other blasts also occurred about two hours later in nearby resort towns of Ras Shitan and Nueiba, killing at least two people. It has been confirmed they were sophisticated remote control which points to the Mossad.

Second bomb - swimming pool

Many of the occupants apparently were saved because they were in the dining room at the time, which was undamaged by the blast.



The Palestinians and Hamas

It's not Palestinians

The sophistication was beyond Palestinians who drink out of ditches and ride donkeys.

These attacks took meticulous planning and resources. The intelligence gathering and operational ability was that of a state agency. This was similar to the Bali, Madrid and Monbasa attacks which were all Mossad.

Experts suspect Palestinian terror organizations such as Hamas and Islamic Jihad would not dare carry out terror attacks in Egyptian territory. Past experience indicates they have never carried out operations in Arab states out of fear of harming local Arabs and also due to apprehension of harming relations with Arab regimes.

Two of the cars used had Israeli license plates.





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The injured were not Israelis

Israeli Ambassador to Egypt Eli Shaked said most of the casualties are likely to be Egyptians and not Israelis.

Israel had issued a travel directive warning of imminent attacks. Israelis were told to shun those resorts. Source

The main target appeared to be Israelis on holiday, but many nationalities were among the victims. An official at Taba hospital, speaking on condition of anonymity, told AP 24 people were killed, including five Israelis, seven Egyptians and the rest foreigners Source





Arab leaders suspect Israel

CAIRO, October 9  A cohort of Egyptian security, political and diplomatic experts have concluded that Israel is the only party to benefit from the blasts, ruling out any possible Egyptian involvement. All indicators suggest an Israeli involvement.

Israel has the knowledge, regular access, etc. Israel issued travel warnings against visiting the Sinai peninsula.

Israel hopes to exploit the so-called war on terror that Bush is waging and needs a diversion from their Gaza slaughter and the UN condemnation.


Arab leaders accuse Israel

Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz denied the Egyptian claim that Israel is responsible for the massive bomb attacks that killed 32 people.

 Arab newspapers had claimed that the attacks, were directed by Israeli intelligence services/organizations.

In a reaction to Mubarak's remarks, Israeli Defense Minister Mofaz said: "These claims obviously do not reflect the truth. We never plan to carry out terrorist attacks in Egypt, but above all, not towards our own citizens."

The Israeli Parliament Knesset's Defense and Foreign Affairs Commission President Yuval Steinitz also criticized Mubarak's remarks.                                                                                                  Source




Bombs and buildings


The real experts are the Mossad and Israeli military.
Palestine apartment building
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The motive

The Mossad has been staging a series of attack since 9/11. Their intent is turn the world against Islam.

Targets such as 9/11, Madrid, Bali, Jakarta embassy have portrayed evil Arabs out to hurt the worlds and especially Internationals Jewry.

Today's bomb turns Egypt against other Muslims, distracts from the Gaza slaughter and garners world sympathy for Israel





Other Mossad False Flags


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Kobar Towers Tanzania Embassy Jakarta
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