The Iraq War Is All About Israel's Quest For Oil

Some of the World's Largest Reserves Of Oil Sit In The Gulf States






Geologists Speculate That Iraq's Oil Reserves May Be Even Larger Than Thought







Marines Are Dying For Israel

There were no Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), and Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. We are fighting and dying to kill the Zionists' enemies, not ours.








Various Mid-East Oil Countries

Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates are already under Israel-friendly governmental control. Iraq is being brutalized to bring them under pro-Israel control, and Iran and Syria are the next in line.

Israel formulated the Iran-Iraq war, and weakened both of them. Israel brought in the US to eliminate all resistance, and install Israeli puppets.








What Israel Fears

Most individual Muslims despise Israel, but Israel controls their leaders. The possibility of a strong and focused leader emerging, that could unite the Muslims, throw out the puppets in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, and take back their oil wealth, petrifies world Zionism.

A true leader, with control of the world's oil, could crush Bush, and Blair, in an instant. With an ounce of cunning, and intelligence, they could focus the world's eyes on Israel as the ultimate pariah.

Buy a movie studio, a cable channel, and an internet news system. Expose Israel's false flags, and even set up a few of their own.








A Simple Series Of Movies

If an Arab leader funded a movie about Israel's attack on the USS Liberty, it would set Israel back 200 years.

A few movies showing Israeli intrigue and brutality. A World War Two movie showing the Zionist role behind the conflict. One about the Bolshevik revolution, and the murder of the Romanovs.









Israel Must Act Soon

The American public is sick of the war, and Israel has been shoddy with the propaganda. The Zapata mercenaries that fired on Marines, a pattern of ambushes, and the courageous protest done by Cindy Sheehan, are sore points.

Israel Wants An Iran Invasion Next

Israel realizes that the US citizenry is weary, and every dead GI, with a possible Cindy Sheehan-style mother, is taking its toll. They know once we pull out of Iraq, we won't ever go back.

Beware Of False Flags

They need an immediate 'False Flag' to give Bush his Syria excuse, and a major staged event for his Iran excuse.








It is Israel's Master Plan

All they need is for America to eliminate Bashar Al-Assad in Syria, finish the Mosul/Haifa pipeline, and eliminate Iran. The remaining 'Plum' is Venezuela, and Chavez might be assassinated in a manner similar to Hariri.








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