Zio-London Is Abuzz With Talk Of Tzofit Grant







Israel's Pin Up Girl








Her Husband Avarm Is The Israeli Coach Of London's Chelsea Team








The Russian Oligarch Michel Abramovich Bought The English Football Team







London's Chelsea Team







Three Israelis Hit London

Abramovich stole billions from poor Russians, and these other two are just obnoxious Zionists.








London Jewish Community Loves These Two

Avram Grant runs the Chelsea, and his wife Tzofit Grant is a talk show host.





The Wife Knows What Israeli Men Like

On her TV show she puts Howard Stern to shame. On one episode she pulled up her skirt. urinated in a glass, and drank it.






Pity Her Poor Assistant

In one show Tzofit, eats an onion, and then has her assistant behind her smell her f*rts.





Actress And Voyeur

The 43-year-old actress-cum-exhibitionist has been called the Ruby Wax of Israeli television. With her multi-coloured hair and penchant for removing her clothes. Footballers yell at her "Show your tits."t."





She Eats The Spaghetti That Both Had Their Fannies In

On another occasion she sat with a male companion in a bath of spaghetti and tomato sauce, and they toasted each other with red wine.





She Had A Saddo-Masochist Mistress Spank Her

Tzofit Grant, 42, has at different times bathed in liquid chocolate and spaghetti, received a spanking from a sadomasochist and drunk her own urine, all while on air hosting a chat show.








Takes A Nude Chocolate Bath

I can just see her Israeli film crew j*rking off to this clown.

 Insiders claim it was a tub of feces, not chocolate.





Takes Showers With Israeli Soldiers

At her show called Real Time, going to reserve soldiers in military outposts and allowing herself to be depicted taking communal showers with them, and even admiring 'girlie' magazines together.







Her Sex Life

She had no hesitation in going into intimate details of how she was sexually harassed by a neighbor when she was only nine.

Her explicit visual description had half of Israel fantasying.





Tzofit Wants A London TV Show

"I have a profession - anything could happen," she said. "Not everyone has an opportunity like this, it's going to be fun." One of her greatest fans is Israeli spoonbender Uri Geller, a fellow jew.





She Sure Is A Tease

Show us your pretty pink panties!!





Tzofit And Her Husband

When Madonna was in Israel doing her Kabbalah, the Grant couple joined her.






London TV Producers Excited

She's a big star in Israel with a large personality," he says. "She had a terrific talk show."

Whether her charms will be lost in translation remains to be seen. "In one sense, she is a typical, colourful Israeli woman," says one friend. "She could be quite a hit over here."









She Fulfills The Zio-Psyche's Fantasies

Human garbage like her and Sarah Silverman filled that aching mental abyss in the Zionist's sexual psyche. Read Portnoy's Complaint to understand the Jewish sexual struggle. You can read Freud regarding the Oedipus complex, and his own struggle with his daughter Annie.

But, back in the real world.







Israelis operatives assassinate six female Marines

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