Israel Admits It's Killers Disguise Themselves As Fatah And Hamas









They See Themselves As 007s







They Have Been Roaming Gaza For Years












Israeli Undercover







Pretending To be Hamas









Israel's Olmert Promises A Bloodbath

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Sunday that his army will press forward with its attacks against the Gaza Strip "without hesitation,"





Israeli Undercover Assassination Teams

Jewish assassins-commandos, disguised as Hamas forces, captured Muhawesh al-Khadi, a leader of the Islamic group.  





Rice is At Zionist's Beck And Call

Olmert told his Cabinet, "I will hit Gaza relentlessly. All those who are involved in terror activities and all those who send terrorists and all those who command terrorists, will be hit. We will reach them every place."

 US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is rushing to Israel, but her peacemaking efforts are always worthless.





Israel Killed Five Teens In Last Three Days

Israel has been grappling with how to deal with Palestinian rocket fire from the Gaza Strip, which is almost daily. Last week, it's air strikes killed three children in the Gaza Strip.





Tanks Blast Gaza Senseless

In the operation Friday night, Israeli troops penetrated about 2 kilometers into southern Gaza and snatched Khadi, Palestinian officials said on condition of anonymity. The Israeli Army's spokesman refused to comment.





The Savages

Israeli rapes have been confined to isolated checkpoints, but if Olmert takes the leash off these dogs, then no woman will be safe.





Activists Will Be Eliminated

There will be a green light to exercise 'Extra-Judicial' justice on dissidents. 





The Child Kidnappings

These two have been missing since Jun 3, 2004. Aseel Al Hendi, and Feliz Al Kabeb, were ninth grade student at the Al Fatemiya School





The Hilltop People

Olmert could unleash the settlers of Kiryat Arba, who became so bold they hit Arab kids with cars, and held their dreaded rituals.





The Zio-Poodle Abbas

On Monday, talks will continue between Olmert and Abbas ahead of a US-sponsored international conference due to take place in November.








What Does it Matter?

It is in Israel that you see these soulless creatures for the vampires they really are. And after they are done with Gaza, Iraq, Iran, Syria, it will be American's turn. They will shoot you, and your kids, like common prairie dogs. There will be a False Flag where they declare martial law, and next will be laws. They did it in Russia, Germany, Zimbabwe, Iraq, and the final show is America.






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