Olympic Champion Involved In A Methamphetamine Ring?







Nicole Bobek Was The All-American girl







She Was A Traveling Celebrity












Nicole Bobek Came From A Working-Class Family








Nicole Bobek Arrested in Drug Ring Bust
Former U.S. figure skating champion Nicole Bobek has been charged with conspiracy to distribute methamphetamines in Hudson County, New Jersey. Bobek, 31, won the women’s U.S. figure skating title in 1995. She was arrested in Florida as part of a raid on a major drug ring. 6







In 2005, Nicole Buys Her Mother A Small Gift Shop

Nicole is now living with her mother in Jupiter, Florida.








In 2006, She Hooks Up With The Hollywood Crowd

In 2006 Bobek, moved from the skating world to Hollywood. She starred as a seductive skater in the 2006 movie remake of "All the King's Men," starring Sean Penn.

Rumors flew that an aging Hollywood producer was courting her, and introduced her to the drug culture, and that is she met the Israelis. 4









In 2009, Nicole Is Arrested

Prosecutor Edward DeFazio said that Nicole Bobek was involved in a northern New Jersey drug ring. "She played a significant role in this operation," DeFazio told reporters.

DeFazio added that the crimes Nicole Bobek is accused of took place in New York and that 20 other people, mostly Israelis, were arrested in connection to the drug ring. 6








Zionists Wreck Everything They Touch

Just how do you go from a $300,000 a year goodwill ambassador to the head of a methamphetamine ring? No doubt that Izzie Bernstein paraded her around Los Angeles like the 'Trophy Shiksas'. Showing up at Morton's Steak House, Chasens, and Spagos, with the six foot striking Nordic Olympic winner on his arm.

Then there are the Hollywood parties, where the drugs flow. Once these girls are used up, they are tossed aside like so much garbage.






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