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He Was The Leader Of This Texas Mormon Sect








These Are The Women Who Had Their Children Taken Away By Zionists







Jeffs' Congregation Prays For Their Leader






Mormon Leader On Death Watch

Mormon leader Warren Jeffs tried to hang himself earlier this year, according to court documents unsealed by a Utah judge on Tuesday. Jeffs, the leader of the 10,000-member Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, was sentenced to 10 years for two counts of being an accomplice to rape. He officiated at a marriage ceremony of a girl under 18.

Among the documents is a competency report on Jeffs completed in April, in which social worker Eric Nielsen wrote that throughout the month of January, Jeffs refused food and drink and developed joint problems from kneeling in prayer for hours.
Prison officials finally recognized that Reverend Jeffs' physical condition was precariously close to death due to his refusal to eat. "He is weaker and more debilitated. . . . His vital signs are worse," wrote Dr. Kirsten Mortensen. "His death could be imminent without immediate medical intervention."








The Southern Poverty Law Center

The Jewish 'Watch-Dog' group, who were thought to be the driving force behind the Mormon leader's arrest, and the brutal raid on the compound, is eerily silent.









First It Was The Baptists

When the Baptists openly discussed the brutality of Israel against the Palestinians, there were nine churches burnt down. Next, the Episcopalians divested church funds from Israeli investments and the IRS was at their door. When the Catholics finally said something, there was a mysterious rash of pedophile cases. To bring home the point a Jewish judge threw a 74 yr old priest in a maximum security prison, where he was knifed to death.

In the meantime, Bernie Madoff was sent to the hospital wing of Butner FCI, the most luxurious prison in America.






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