BBC Reporter Looks At Strip Clubs






More Yiddish Sexual Psycho-Babble

Tanya Gold, a chuberic Yenta, says: -- "Women watch men strip for fun. Men watch women strip for darker reasons. For women, it has nothing to do with sex. For men, it is about power." 8








The Chippendales Remind Her Of Her Relative

Tanya went to see male and female strippers. At the Chippendale dance revue, most of the girls were 40 plus, and fought over the front row. But when the strippers walk around the girls got shy. They were like our fathers.







The Female Strippers Reminded Tanya Of The Evil Sexuality Of Men

The men were lustful, and the women were tramps. The young reporter Tanya Gold was interviewing two topless girls she notices their perky breasts, and asked them if they get 'Aroused' while on stage.   8









Do You Think This Yenta Had Forbidden Desires?

This isn't rocket science. Most men, and women, go to strip clubs to get out of the house, a 'Boys night out' type of thing.. But if you read between the lines, you see Tanya Gold seems to be confused. When a male stripper comes into the audience, with his 'Talleywacker' 6" from this cherub's face, she sees her kindly Uncle Seth. As far as the girl strippers, she sees lustful tramps, hussies that want to defile her husband.

You need to watch this clip of holocaust fetishes to understand the psyche of this moronic group, whose thousands of years of inbreeding, has left them a little different.