Massive Truck Bombs Rock Iraq






Death Toll Nears 100






They Are Still Finding Bodies







The Bomb Left A Giant Crater






The Blast Destroyed A Bridge






Notice It Blew The Cement Off The Rebar





The Truck Bomb




There Were Four Separate Attacks

One near the Foreign Ministry, killing at least 59 people and wounding 250.  The force of the explosion blew concrete slabs off the front of the 10-story building, shattered windows and crushed cars parked outside. Dozens of cars were burned. The blast was so strong it also damaged nearby buildings.  A second bomb killed eight Iraqi police on patrol.  Two bombs at Baghdad markets killed ten.

You will notice that in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Syria, etc, there are no bombs. Jordan which is an Israeli puppet, never gets touched. So why does Al-Queda leave the rich Zio-Puppets alone, and bomb innocent Arabs in Iraq and Afghanistan? The answer is, this isn't Al Queda, but rather Israel trying to start an internal civil war. Who has the ability to build these massive bombs, go undetected, and who benefits.







Who are the Taliban

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