Izzie Kassida Hit A Bicyclist While Doing 80 MPH









 The Victim Was A Man On A Bicycle

Chuck Waldrop, who often rode his bicycle home from work as a Safeway security guard. According to court paperwork, "Witnesses ... observed a BMW which passed them southbound at a high rate of speed, which they estimated to be 80 miles per hour."

"They never saw brake lights and said the car continued southbound."








Car Was Doing 80 MPH

"The car was swerving from curb to curb in the southbound lanes ... they observed the car collide with something which 'exploded' ahead of them. They did not realize it was a person until they came upon the collision scene."







The Killer Tried To Trade The Car In

Saturday, after the collision, police said Kissida traded in his light blue, 1992 BMW 325I to Peoria's Power Chevrolet, a local auto dealership, as part of the "Cash for Clunkers" program after obtaining an estimate on the damages.

According to court paperwork, Kissida said the damage to the vehicle occurred when he hit a javelina.








Izzie Gets Arrested

They booked Timothy Kissida, 23, on charges of leaving the scene of a fatal accident and tampering with physical evidence. 5






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