Iranian Airliner Crashes With 168 Aboard







Very Similar To The Lockerbie Crash






Black Boxes Show A Small Bomb Brought Down The Plane






The Plane Came Down In One Piece







Middle East Sources (Israel) Confirm A Bomb Went Off In The Jet's Luggage Compartment 

Israel sources say the cause of the jet crash can be traced to explosives that Iranian airliner was transporting to the Hizbullah terrorist group.  The crash killed a 168 Iranian civilians.  The report said the plane had several metal cases containing two kilograms of explosives and detonators, in it's luggage compartment. The plane took off from Tehran and was destined for the Lebanese terrorist group. (

Only 16 minutes after takeoff, the pilot of the Tupolev jet reported an emergency. Shortly afterwards, the plane crashed near the city of Qazvin. Eyewitnesses reported hearing explosions in the plane before it crashed into the ground. 9









Who Was Responsible For The Bomb That Killed 168 Iranian Civilians?

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The Lockerbie Crash

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