A Small Plane Rammed A Helicopter







The Plane Was At 100 Feet










The Pilot t Was 'Joy-Ridding'









The Fool Flew Right Up The Tail Of The Helicopter








He Was Instructed To Contact Newark For Departure Instructions









These Two Kids Are Dead Because Of An Incompetent










Here Is Why Everyone Is Silent

Why isn't there an uproar over a clown pilot joy-riding down the Hudson river, buzzing his pal's condos? A 61 year-old millionaire, who apparently disobeyed Teterboro air traffic departure control's instruction.

Instead the story is Steven Altman, was a good Samaritan who flew sick people to and from faraway hospitals for free. 8










The Busiest Air Corridor In The World

Izzie Altman was 52 when he got his pilot license, and was 61 when he flew into the rear end of the helicopter.  Altman took off from Teterboro to Ocean City, and Air Controllers will always vector you west and then south, because of La Guardia and Kennedy's heavy commercial traffic.

Altman didn't hear ATC and decided to go buzz the city.











A Forty Year Old Airplane

The TWA pilot has a co-pilot, and flies the same route daily. He is under instruments and an ATC controller guides him. Altman a hobby pilot with very little experience.

Steven Altman was a millionaire that ran 14,000 apartments in Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey, according to the company Web site. It was part of The Altman Group of real estate companies, begun by his father in 1949.

Bruce Toll, co-founder of luxury homebuilder Toll Brothers, said the Altman family is well regarded in the building industry and active in local Jewish charities.









Bloomberg's Take

According to Bloomberg the pilot was just flying along when the helicopter took off and got in Altman's way.








Altman Never Made Contact

Hersman said air traffic controllers at Teterboro Airport told the pilot of the small plane to switch radio frequencies so controllers at Newark Airport could communicate with him but Newark controllers never made contact.

Altman failed to contact an air-traffic controller as he was supposed to, the head of a U.S. safety board said today.








The Normal Departure

The pilot was instructed after taking off from Teterboro Airport in New Jersey to change frequencies and contact a controller in Newark, New Jersey, Debbie Hersman, chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board, said today at a briefing. No contact was made, she said.  4








Altman Refused To Answer Radio Calls

A Newark controller radioed Teterboro after no contact was made by the Altman and asked that a heading be given to the small plane. The Teterboro controller attempted, and there was no response, she said








Altman Was At 100 Feet

McCahill said it looked like the plane was attempting to avoid the helicopter by flying beneath it. Witnesses said both appeared to be flying low over the river, perhaps 100 feet above the surface. 8








Lawyers Blame The Air Traffic Controllers

The latest scam is to blame the controllers at the airport where Altman took off from. No doubt legal strategies are being laid, as the victims pursue lawsuits against the Altman financial empire. 8










I Guess It Depends Who You Are

This really has nothing to do with religion. I just like the way the story gets turned around. John Kennedy Jr. was called an unqualified daredevil, a incompetent pilot, but Izzie, he is a good Samaritan, who flies dying children to medical clinics.




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