The Health Care Scam

What Obama backers want is a plan that cover illegal aliens, and pours billions into Zio-Abortion clinics. So the Zio-Controlled unions stage a bunch of rallies to coax the vote their way.







Catch The Big Semi-Truck In The Background

Backers of the protests include a variety of conservative activist groups, including the Tea Party movement, which grew out of protests earlier this year against Obama's $787 billion stimulus package. Some of their Web sites list every upcoming congressional town hall in the country held by lawmakers from both parties.

Democrats charge that the demonstrators are organized and scripted. They point to a memo widely available on the Internet called "Rocking the Town Halls," whose tactics - "Watch for an opportunity to yell out and challenge the Rep's statements early" - has been used at demonstrations around the country.










500 People Show At A Town Meeting?

Ballard denied that the town hall protests were coordinated.

"We're a bunch of common people doing this, just a bunch of regular Joes who are concerned about what's going on in Washington," he said. "We don't guide our people to ask certain questions. We're not going to direct their speech. The First Amendment is of the utmost importance to us."









What A Hoax!

Like these protestors are real? These are union members paid to go out and hold signs.






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