The Health Care Debate

Rep Schwartz sent a bus to the local nursing home







Talk About A Total Hoax

This silly health care bill is just a wealth transfer. Obama will cover the illegal aliens and the Zio-Abortion mills will get a $25 billion dollar boost. Jack Henson that fought on the beaches of Normandy will be told his meds are no longer covered, while Pepe Rodriquez will be getting a $50k operation.






Who Paid For The Bus?

These rallies are totally fabricated propaganda.








Two Guesses As To Who Is Behind The Rallies










A Little Too Organized

Who is paying for the signs?







Hillel College Kids

I doubt some 19 year-old is concerned about health care.







Immigrants Are The Big Winners

A 85 yr-old that gave General Motors 40 years has to stand behind this fat-ass Mexican in the Health Care line.







Who Is Picking The Crops?

All the beaners are carrying signs.








Talked About Staged Photo Ops

They gave this ringer $100 and an oxygen bottle.









How Ridiculous

Police are going to let a guy stand outside an Obama rally with a gun?









Who Is Manning The Cigar Shop?

A rally in Miami.








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