Hasidic Group Houses Over 100 Girls At Deserted Catskill Resort






This Has Been Deserted For Years







Rain Damage Has Collapsed The Ceilings








Hasidic Leader In Fight With The Town's People







The Nearby Town Of Mamakating Wants Answers







Mamakating Is A Rural Village In New York








Town of Mamakating

Christians are fighting to evict the Hasidics from the old Homowack Lodge in Spring Glen. It used to be one of the premier Borscht Belt resorts, near the Catskills. Today, the 460-acre complex on Phillipsport Road is called both the Spring Mountain Resort and the Girls Camp of Skver, a place for orthodox Jewish young women to relax and enjoy the mountains, just a stone’s throw away from Ulster County. 7








Hasidics Are Angry

They say the town is anti-semitic. “The issues that are a concern to the residents of Mamakating might very well be contrary to the practices of the Skver Hasidim,”. “The Skver know and care little of the outside world that surrounds them. They maintain their own self-interest, often to the detriment of the community at large.  That’s why Penna feels anti-Semitism may be at work in Mamakating, which up till now has rarely dealt with Hasidic communities of any size.








It Is Common Sense

No wealthy Jewish family is going to pay $5,000 to send their girl to a condemned old resort.  And why is a small town objecting to a proposal to renovate this complex. 6








Maybe The Truth Lies Here

One only need look to Postville to see what they fear. A run-down collapsing resort with 'Gunzels' at the entrance, a bevy of pre-teen girls, and Zionists coming and going constantly.

I smell an attempt at a white-slaving sex operation. 5








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