Florida Highrise Has 32 Stories, But Just One Tenant
FORT MYERS, Fla. In 2005, during the height of the real estate boom Victor Vangelakos of Weehawken, N.J paid $435,000 for his Florida dream home. The Vangelakos' southwest Florida condominium has marble floors, a large pool overlooking a river and modern furnishings that speak of affluence and luxury. What they don't have in the 32-story, 200 unit building, is a single neighbor. 5

A large, circular fountain in front of the building is dry. The automatic glass doors that lead to the front lobby are locked. On the front desk is a guest sign-in sheet. The last entry: Feb. 13, 2009.

"It's like time froze here six months ago," Victor said.









The Only Tenant

"Being from the city, it's very eerie," Vangelakos said. "It's almost like a scary movie."







The Penthouse

The building's lawyer, Edith McCoy, said some of the interested buyers who put down deposits lost their jobs, others were unable to get mortgages and some were just nervous when the financial collapse came. 5








Who Owns The Building?

'The Related Group' is a Florida real estate corporation. Matthew Jacob Allen is the Chief Officer. The corporation was started in 1979, and it appears to be a South American Jewish consortium. 7










So What Are The Real Numbers, And Who Are The Lenders?

A 200 unit building like this cost $60 million to build, and at 14% loan interest over five years that total is now $98 million.

The First National Bank Of Tampa will soon informed the FDIC that it needs to go into receivership. 6








Now What Happens?

The American taxpayer gets the bill for the $98 million.

The building will go into foreclosure and be bought up by some mysterious Israeli investment group for $5 million. This is identical to their 1929 scheme.










The Economy Is Much Worst Than Realized

This articles shows the banks are gone, the auto companies will just get worse, the stock rally is a hoax, and this clueless clown will be the fall-guy who takes the blame.








What About The Wars

Well, there are 60,000 troops in Afghanistan, and another 20,000 on their way. With 130,000 in Iraq and 80,000 in Afghanistan, we have flanked Iran. All we need is the trigger, and we will smoke Ahmadinejad, and the Zionists will control the world's oil.

The world is entering a depression, and rest assured the Zionists will shift the blame to the Arabs.






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