Obama Gives A Gift Ripe For Fraud

Obama, and his Zio-handlers, pass a bill giving $3 billion in rebates for auto dealers to accept old cars in trade.








Eligibility Requirements

Cars must be less than 25 years old,  the trade-in vehicles must get 18 or fewer MPG, and the car must be driveable. 4








This Is Likes Medicare, But Car Dealers Get The Gold

Medicare has been a windfall for Zionism (imaginary operations, hospital billing, labs. etc). Just in one year a dentist named Dr Rosen billed $7 million for filling welfare mother's cavities. 7

Now comes New Jersey's Rosenblums Chevy dealerships, where one of their satellite internet sales operations sold 1,000 cars in a month.









Don't Worry, Federal Regulators Will Be In Place

This car deal will be like the banks, that's where Zionist-controlled banks busted the economy. You know, where Herb Gold's American Savings lent $30 billion to real estate developers, and bought $50 trillion in derivatives that collapsed. Then these gangsters were regulated, and investigated, by fellow Zionists like Benjamin Bernake, or Larry Summers.

Sort of like letting Clyde Barrow being the lead investigator on John Dillinger's bank robberies.






The Stieger Brothers Clip a Billion

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