Car Bomb Kills Twenty In Iraq






Sinjar Is A Remote Town That Sits On The Mosul-Haifa Pipeline






A Car Bomb In Front Of A Cafe

There is a choice here. Did Al-Queda kill 20 fellow Arabs for sport, or does Israel want to make sure this town won't act as a staging grounds to attack their pipeline?









Israel Has A Track Record Of Terror

Zionists know that Egypt controls the Suez canal, and they would cut off Israel's military shipping in a second. Suddenly in the last few years there have been attacks on Luxor, Sharam Al Shariff, and the expensive resort cities. The Mossad even planted a cargo container of thermite on a passenger ship, and sunk the ship within 5 minutes, killing all 1,000 aboard. Egypt main income comes from tourism and American aid, and they quickly realized that Israel will destroy both.

With regards to Iraq, they even used a micro-nuke on a key town bordering their pipeline. 8





Massacre at the Valley of Kings

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