At Least Fifty  Dead In Senseless Bombings










An Entire Remote Village Was Flattened







Bomb Leaves Massive Crater






Everyone Is Buried In The Rubble







The Bombers Used Trucks Packed With Explosives







Two Massive Truck Bombs In A Remote Village

The deadliest blast on Monday was a double truck bombing in Khazna village, just east of Mosul, home of the Shabak, a small Shiite ethnic group in the north.

The two explosives-laden trucks went off nearly simultaneously and less than 500 yards (meters) apart, killing at least 28 people and wounding 138, said police and hospital officials. 7










15 Killed In Baghdad

The first bomb was hidden in a pile of trash that exploded about 5:50 a.m. near a group of day laborers drinking tea in the religiously mixed neighborhood of Amil, killing at least seven people and wounding 46, officials said.

About 10 minutes later a car bomb targeted construction workers elsewhere in western Baghdad, killed another 10 people and wounded 35, according to police.






Who Is Behind The Bombs?

Do Arabs in a small village take two gas tankers and load them with C-4 explosives to kill their neighbor's children? Is it some boogey-man called Al-Quada from the mountains of Pakistan?

The truth is that it is Israel trying to start a civil war.



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