A Massive Car Bomb Kills Eight As A Convoy Passes







The Israeli Advisors Say They Know Nothing






Afghanistan Is A Bunch Of Mud-Brick Buildings








The Southern Portion Of Afghanistan Has Oil








66% Of The World's Oil Is In That Region








Afghanistan Provides A Flanking Position To Attack Iran








US Soldiers Killed By Sophisticated Bomb

Two U.S. soldiers were killed and three wounded in a separate blast in the country's east, the U.S. command said. That makes 28 dead is the first half of August, most from bombs. 9









McCain And Lieberman Arrive In Kabul

These Zio-Clowns arrive to tell the troops they are dying for a good cause. I doubt they will mention the opium trade, or flanking Iran for an attack.








Lieberman In Afghanistan

Senator Lieberman says we need another 20,000 thounsand soldiers to be sent to Afghanistan. The message here is for Iran: - "You hurt Israel and we will annihilate you" 6

Lieberman, a Yiddish draft dodger, who received a deferment from the Vietnam War. 5








The President Is Sending More Troops

Already, the White House ordered 21,000 additional U.S. troops to Afghanistan this year, bringing the total by the end of 2009 to a record 68,000. 9








The Cost Of The Afghanistan War

In 2008  the total cost is $16 billion a month, or $192 billion a year.  Naturally that doesn't take into account the jets, tanks, or equipment worn out. An we won't factor in the medical of the 50,000 that will be eventually wounded, or the stress wrecked lives of the kids.

An easy estimate of this Afghan fiasco will be $2 trillion.







Think Of The Money If It Were Spent On Schools

A  first-rate, 1,000 student high school cost $80 million, so that's 12 high schools for one billion dollars.

  • 12   for a billion
  • 120 for ten billion
  • 192 for sixteen billion (monthly cost of Afghanistan)
  • 2300 high schools for the yearly cost

So you could build 2,300 high schools for just one years cost of the Afghanistan war. There are 34,000 total high schools in America.









Dying For Israel

Who cares about Israel? You got kids from Montana, Wyoming, Iowa, dying for a bunch of East European Jews who declared Israel their home after oil was discovered in the Mid-East in  the 1920s. Then you have 'Israeli advisors' behind these monstrous bombs.

If you looked at a map of Afghanistan, you would see a ultra remote country, with two main paved highways. It has a $358 per capita GDP, and an unemployment rate of 40%. What Afghanistan does have is vast mineral deposits, including gold, natural gas, and oil tracts. 5

For less than $2 billion you could just give them five Wal-Marts, and start a John Deere factory, giving them jobs, and discount tractors.








Who are the Taliban

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