There Are 70,000 Contractors In Afghanistan







They Have Turned Kabul Into Dodge City







There Are Only 40,000 American Troops Here

So now there are 70,000 contractors, and most are in Kabul. And naturally there are 'Israeli Advisors' in the mix. One doesn't have to think too deep to connect the rash of IEDs, and car bombs, and the Israeli demolition experts.







Deadly contractor incident sours Afghans

Four men with the U.S. firm once known as Blackwater are said to be under investigation in the deaths of two Afghans. A U.S. report found serious fault with private security firms in Afghanistan.
Mirza Mohammed Dost at the grave of his son, Raheb, 24, who was shot by Blackwater (now Xe) security contractors in May as he walked in his neighborhood. Another man was also shot fatally and a third was wounded.  6







America Hires 70,000 Contractors In Afghanistan Alone

Presently there are 70,000 security contractors or guards in Afghanistan and billions of dollars at stake in lucrative government contracts. The U.S. spent $10 billion on security contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan in the last four years.









The Lunatics Run The Asylum

Since February, oversight of security contractors in Afghanistan has been entrusted not to Congress or the Pentagon, but to a British-owned private contractor, Aegis. The company was hired by the American government after the U.S. military said it lacked the manpower and expertise to monitor security contractors. Aegis is supposed to help U.S. authorities make sure contractors are properly trained, armed and supervised. 6








Contractors Take Over Towns

Anger toward hired gunmen runs especially high in Yaka Toot, a densely packed neighborhood in east Kabul, where residents are still simmering over the May shooting.

U.S. contractors, directing a convoy, opened fire  when on two civilians, a Dost was 20 and Romal, 22, a passenger in a Toyota sedan on his way home from work.








The Second Man Didn't Move Fast Enough

Dost, who was walking about 200 yards away, was shot in the head. No weapons were found in the Toyota, or on Dost, according to an Afghan police investigator. 4







Contractors Guard US Embassy In Kabul

The U.S. Embassy in Kabul, citing poor performance, fired its private security contractor, MVM, in 2007 and hired another American-owned company, ArmorGroup North America.

Somehow a massive bomb was smuggled in on 8/1/2009, and killed 7 at the embassy compound.







The Two Largest American companies acted as  cover

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CACI is controlled by the Herb Karr and Harry Markowitz family. Run by a Jack London an honored Israelite. 7

  Titan is the Jewish  Edward H. Bersoff who is a celebrity is Israel. 9
Job offers
Lt. Gen. Lance Smith, the Deputy Commander of the U.S. Central Command, said there were 37 contract interrogators used in Abu Ghraib. The two named contractors, CACI and Titan, have close ties to the Israeli military and technology communities.     Source



So Where Is The Truth?

Gun runners, and mercenaries, go hand and hand, and Zionists have controlled them throughout history. The head of Blackwater, Erik Prince, is a crypto Zionist. All these companies are control by Jewish interests. They bring in some special forces SEAL, make him the token head, and then shower him with $500 million contracts.

The staffs are peppered with Israelis, and the lower echelon are misfits and street thugs. Just a week ago, one got drunk during a poker game and shot five other contractors.

They were used in New Orleans during Katrina, and will be used in every city in America as the economy disintegrates.








Zapata mercs arrested in marine ambush


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