Who Was Michael Jackson?










Michael Jackson was one of the greatest entertainers, and artists, of all times. His stage performances, and music videos, are legendary. With regards to his looks at the end, I would blame his plastic surgeon. I notice that Doctor Gold's name has never been mentioned. As far as his skin turning lighter, Jackson had a disease called Vitiligo. With regards to Jackson being a pedophile, notice who brought the lawsuit. This was a Zionist, who let his son stay at Jackson's ranch. Nothing was ever prove, and it was Jackson's insurance company that settled, against Jackson's wishes.

Jackson's drug use stemmed from painkillers after a fall, and Valium used for the stress of the pedophile accusation. By 2003, Jackson was in a fight with Sony about his song rights, adding to his stress. His bevy of doctors kept him medicated.

In the early 1990's, Michael Jackson had his fill of Zio-Leeches, and became very vocal. Basically, he was taught a lesson by the hand of Zion.







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