Henry Louis Gates








Who Is Henry Gates?

He is a mix of Black and Jewish blood. He considers himself a 'Black Crusader'. He married a white woman named Sharon Lynn Adams.

At best, he is a 'Token Clown', whose main function is to be paraded around as some 'Gifted Academic'. He runs a website call The Root, which after a short perusal, one can obviously detect a Marxist/Zionist undertow.

As far as HIM BEING an 'Academic Giant', this is another doubtful area. He teaches Afro-American history, and really that consists of Jewish slave traders kidnapping ten million Africans for profit. But, naturally this 'Uncle Tom' doesn't cover that in his black-persecution-complex-based teachings.

He is a founder/overseer of the Institute of Jewish Research.







Henry Louis Gates Calls Fellow Black Scholars Anti Semites






The history of black slavery

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