At 10:00 The Families Were Shopping At A Small Iraqi Market





At 10:35 A Massive Car Bomb Went Off In The Remote City Of Tal Afur








  Iraqis Lay Dying













Mostly Women And Children






Elsewhere, In Sadr City A Bomb Went Off At A Shiite Market









Three Massive Bombs Kill Over Eighty

Israelis targeted a policeman in the northern Ninevah province.  As people gathered in the aftermath a second bomb went off, and a total of 38 people were killed, and injured 66. In another attack, operatives planted two bombs in a  Tal Afar marketplace, killing up to 40 women and children.

In  a third attack,  roadside bombs that killed 13 people and injured dozens in Baghdad. In a fourth attack, eight died and 30 were injured as a bomb ripped through anoutdoor market in the Shiite district of Sadr City.









Who Benefits?

If it was really Al-Queda, then why not bomb the Zio-Puppets in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the Arab Emirates, or Jordon? The next silly story us that Muslims are killing Muslims. But the real truth is that Israel is grabbing the mideast oil fields, and Zionists live by the civil war.

Stories of Muslims blowing up a marketplace full of other Muslim woman and children is total nonsense.








The Mosul Haifa Pipeline

America is rebuilding the Israeli pipeline and building permanent bases at H-1, H-2, H-3.







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