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Citizens Are Outraged








The Casino's Main Banks Are In Israel








Israel Is A Terror State That Shoots Children









Neil Bluhm, Owner

A billionaire real estate developer from Chicago. 5








Lewis Katz, Owner

Lewis Katz was born in Camden NJ. His father passed away when he was only one year old. Raised by his mother, he grew up in Camden's Parkside neighborhood, and graduated from Camden High School. From these humble beginnings, he has excelled in many endeavors, including business, law, politics, and as the owner of the New York Nets professional basketball team.  8








Ed Snider, Owner

Snider, the son of a successful Jewish grocery-store chain owner, attended the University of Maryland and earned his bachelor's degree. He would become a partner in Edge Ltd., a record company. After selling the company, Snider joined Jerry Wolman (builder) and his brother-in-law Earl Foreman (attorney) to buy the Philadelphia Eagles in 1964. He bought a 7 percent stake in the team, and served as vice president and treasurer. 7







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