Bernie Madoff Sent To Butner FCI, A Country Club Prison









Bernie Madoff Stole $65 Billion

Bernie Madoff wonít be serving his life sentence in a hellhole.

The North Carolina prison, where the convicted Ponzi schemer has been sent to serve his life sentence, is considered "the crown jewel" of the federal prison system. Itís a place where many convicts hope to be sent. It is the closest thing that exists in the federal prison system to a country club prison.

The Butner Federal Correctional Complex is about 45 minutes northeast of Durham. From the outside, you could mistake it for a college campus, except, perhaps, for the barb-wire.

Itís often sought after by convicts because its staff and facilities have a good reputation. There are no hardcore maximum-security type criminals there. Itís all minimum, low, and medium security.







A Zionist's Playpen

Former Enron CEO Jeff Skilling requested he be allowed to serve his sentence there, because of the Kosher facilities. Butner is also known for having excellent medical facilities, especially its cancer-treatment programs. There have been rumors that Madoff has been diagnosed with cancer.









Jonathan Pollard

Butner houses about 3,600 inmates. The most notable inmate is Israeli espionage agent Jonathan Pollard. It's assumed Madoff will be in low security, or the medical facility.   5





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