Jakob Kallinger

Kallinger married Hilda Bergman, and had two children with her.

Beginning in July 1974, Kallinger and his 13-year-old son Michael went on a crime spree spanning Philadelphia, Baltimore and New Jersey. Over the next six weeks, they robbed, assaulted, and sexually abused four families and had murdered three people; they gained entrance to each house by pretending to be salesmen. On January 8, 1975, they committed another robbery/assault in Leonia, New Jersey, this time killing a 21-year-old nurse named Maria Fasching who had walked into the house to check on a bed-ridden family member. 

Police began investigating Kallinger after gathering physical evidence (a blood-stained t-shirt) and eyewitness testimony that he and his son had been seen in the area. They soon found out about Kallinger's history of domestic violence, Joseph Jr.'s unsolved death, and a series of arsons targeted against buildings he owned.

Kallinger and his son were arrested on kidnapping and rape charges, and eventually charged with three counts of murder in New Jersey state courts. Kallinger pleaded insanity, claiming God had told him to kill.[5] He was found sane, however, and sentenced to life in prison on October 14, 1976. Michael Kallinger, meanwhile, was judged to be under his father's control, and sentenced to a reformatory. Upon his release when he was 21, he moved out of the state and changed his name.[4] While in prison, Kallinger had made several suicide attempts, including one time where he had attempted to set himself on fire. Because of his suicidal and violent behavior, Kallinger was transferred to a mental hospital in Trenton, New Jersey. He was transferred to a mental hospital in Philadelphia on May 18, 1979.

Joseph Kallinger died of an epileptic seizure on March 26, 1996. He spent the last 11 years of his life on suicide watch. 6





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