The Fabulous Walter Noels








From The Ghettoes Of Krakow To The Greenwich High Society









Aren't They Fabulous






A Private Jet To A Private Island









Greenwich's So-Called High Society

A US hedge fund, Fairfield Greenwich, has been charged with fraud for pumping nearly $7bn of its clients' money into Bernard Madoff's fund. The Fairfield Greenwich hedge fund caught up in the scandal is run by Walter Noel, a high-profile New York Jewish society figure whose glamorous family was once described by Vanity Fair magazine as "shoring up the virtues of a nearly extinct aristocracy". Charges filed by Massachusetts' secretary of state, William Galvin, said 95% of the firm's $7.2bn Sentry fund was invested with Madoff, who admitted in court last month that he had barely done any genuine trading for nearly 20 years.

Fairfield is accused of lying to its clients that it had detailed access to Madoff's accounts. Fairfield was typically given forged trading tickets by Madoff after a lag of three to five days. Instead of containing detailed prices, these provided weighted average prices from baskets of stocks. 8








Madoff Coached Fellow Zionist

During an inquiry by the Securities and Exchange Commission in 2005, Madoff coached Fairfield executives in what to say to investigators in a phone call which began, according to a transcript, with Madoff saying: "Obviously, first of all, this conversation never took place."







The Crypto-Jewish Hungarian Princess

Ariana Huffington claims on her blog that her fellow Zionist, Walter Noel, may be a victim too. 7







The Castilian From Buenos Aires

It seems that Andrés Piedrahita, Noel's son-in-law, 'claims' to be a noble of Castilian blood, and knows nothing about the $500 million. 9






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