The Dirty Business Of Organ Trafficking








Selling Organs









The Operation Was Run By Rabbis















What Is An Arab Child Worth?







Accused Of Money Laundering







A Kidney Is Worth $160,000








An Israeli Hospital In The Negev Desert Removes The Organs










Organ Trafficking

Israelis have been doing this for thirty years. Here is a typical round-up. 6








The Organization Was Run Out Of Synagogues

Rabbis concentrate on diamond smuggling, illegal organs, and ecstasy pills.









Arab Teenagers Were Gutted

Often a mother thinks her child is being held in a prison, but in reality they were taken to a hospital in Beersheba, and gutted.








This Is What Happens When Mothers Came For Their Kids

Israelis rounded up groups of teenagers, and the mothers went to the warehouse to get their kids. The Jewish snipers shot 17 mothers, killing five.






The video of mothers being executed

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