Six Young British Soldiers Killed In Afghanistan







Brits Are Angry And Want To Leave Afghanistan







A Hugh Chinook Helicopter, Loaded With Troops,  Blows Up







Large US Helicopters Are All Over Afghanistan







Are Zionists Provoking Another War?

This was a standard procedure in Iraq, committing a heinous act right before a major offensive, in oprder to provoke a massive deadly response.

On 7/14/2009 a Chinook helicopter was 'Alleged' to be carrying 15 NATO (Brits and Americans) when a bomb went off. The news reports are saying it was a 'Crash' and the chopper was carrying outside contracted kitchen workers.







This Disaster Coincides With A Major Offensive

Some 4,000 Marines are pushing through Helmand province in the biggest U.S. military operation in Afghanistan since the ouster of the Taliban from power in 2001. The region is the world's largest opium poppy producing area and the Taliban's heartland.








Six Female Marines Have Their Throats Slashed

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