Another Billionaire Goes Into Space On Your Money

Guy Laliberte







A $35 Million Dollar Ride







Cirque du Soleil's Founders








Circus Co-Founder Launching Into Space In September

Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberte is paying $35 million for a round-trip ticket on a Russian spacecraft. He will launch into orbit from Kazakhstan in September with an astronaut and cosmonaut, and spend one week at the station. His co-founder, Daniel Gauthier, feels a lot safer at his nephew's Bar Mitzvah, and will sit this one out.








Danny Lamarre Is The President

Daniel Lamarre (born 1953) is a Canadian businessman. He is the President of Cirque du Soleil. Born in Grand-Mère, Quebec.

He served as president and CEO of TVA television network, which is Quebec’s largest private television broadcaster. 5










TVA Television Is An Associate Firm Of Can-West

Can-West is the media empire of Izzie Asper. Mr Asper is a Ukrainian immigrant that controls most of Canada's broadcasting. 6







Are There Any Christian Billionaires?

Out of a list of 50 billionaires there were four that were gentiles, and those are even questionable.




The 25 richest Americans


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