The Arkansas 'Trial Of The Century'

A child trafficker









Neo-Nazis Are At The Ready








A Large Nazi Contingent Is Only A 150 Miles From The Trial






Bernie LaZar Hoffman Trafficked In Children







This Zionist Conman Defiled Eight Year-Old Girls







Will The Neo-Nazis Protest At The Arkansas Trial?









One Of The Nazi Movement's Leaders









Bill White
























This Is One Of Many Nazi Organizations















At A Recent Rally In Missouri






Rather Intimidating

I can't see these guys letting a child rapist run free.








I Doubt These Guys Would Have Any Use For A Child Molester








These Guys Are Very Organized







The Missouri Unit Of The Nazi Movement







Missouri's NSM Commander







I Wonder If They Would Take Kindly To This Zio-Child Trafficker?









Neo-Nazis Absent From Abuse Trial

A Jewish man, who ran a church and cult compound, is on trial in Arkansas for polygamy, kidnapping, and child molestation.  In the most explosive trial since that of Leo Frank, who in 1913 raped and killed a 12 yr-old girl, the Nazis are absent.









One Of The Biggest Trials In History

Tony Alamo (nee Bernie LaZar Hoffman) is a Jewish man parading as a  religious evangelist, and had various compounds across the South. Alamo is on trial in Texarkana, and faces a 10-count federal indictment charging he transported minors across state lines for sex.







Bernie Hoffman's Baptism Pool

The Zio-pig would take eight year old girls and tell them he was baptizing them, naturally they were nude.







Maybe The Nazis Will Show?

I know Adolf  Hitler, and his entire Nazi propaganda machine, would have had a field day with this trial. It would be great PR for today's US Nazi movement. Standing outside the courtroom where this fiend, Bernie LaZar, is on trial for defiling eight year-old girls in the rural South.






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