Who Is The Butcher Of Belgium?







Andras Pandy








He Killed In Belgium And Hungary








Some Of The Remains Found In His Cellar







No One Knows How Many Victims There Were







He Raped Both Of His Daughters







Another Zio-Fruitcake

Here is a hidden story about a pedophile serial killer that roamed Europe. Oddly, for one of the weirdest cases in history, there is very little information about all of this. It seems he killed at least 60 women and children, and butchered the bodies.






Andras Pandy, A Belgian Serial Killer

András Pándy (born June 1, 1927, Chop, Ukraine) is a convicted Belgian serial killer. He is currently serving a life sentence for the murder of his two wives and four children. He was arrested after his daughter, Ágnes, went to the police and confessed about being involved in five of the murders.







The Daughter Is His Assistant

Agnes Pandy is his daughter, his lover, and assisted in the murders. 









Pandy's First Family

Pándy married his first wife, Ilona Sőrés, in 1957, in Hungary. They moved to Belgium where she has three children: ~ a daughter Ágnes 1960, and two sons, Dániel 1961, and Zoltán 1966.

In 1968, all went missing except for the girl Agnes.    4







His Second Wife And Daughters

By the end of the decade, he visited Hungary again, meeting his future second wife, Edit Fintor, a married woman with three children, Tünde, Tímea, and Andrea.  On one October afternoon in 1997, Pandy, and daughter Agnes, chopped up the corpses using kitchen knives and axes, before dissolving the remains in acid.

Agnes, the first daughter, told them how she had eviscerated one of her own stepsisters with her own hands. "It was my task to take out the organs while Pandy was cutting up the remains," she said. "I just used a kitchen knife.







There May Be 60 Other Victims

In Hungary, investigators are trying to establish Pandy to at least 60 "missing person", who had a similar M.O.. Investigators used sniffer dogs to search the monster's home in Dunakeszi, north of Budapest. In Belgium, police brought in sonar devices to investigate the six inter-connected cellars under his second home.

Questions have also been raised over the identity of the murderer. Belgian investigators think the man in custody is just using the name of Andras Pandy, who died in Hungary in 1956.. 4








His House In Brussels

This house on the Quai de l’Industrie had five inter-connecting cellars. Most of them had turned to muddy sludge pits from the decaying bodies. It was named the 'Grand guignol of murder and rape and depravity'. The house was in the quarter of Brussels known as Molenbeek.



There Were Other Houses

At this house he bludgeoned children to death with a sledgehammer. Then they hacked their victims to pieces and stuffed their remains in plastic bags, taking some at a nearby abattoir (Kosher slaughterhouse). Other bodies he disolved in a vat brimming with 21 liters of Cleanest, an acid cleanser that ate all the meat from the bones and then dissolved the bones themselves.








He Ran An Orphanage In Hungary

Authorities also found a blood splattered wall in another of the homes and "large pieces of unspecified flesh" stocked inside two fridges. Investigators used sniffer dogs to search the preacher's home in Dunakeszi, north of Budapest.  The Hungarian Nepszava newspaper reported that Pandy fostered an undetermined number of orphaned or homeless Romanian children in his home. The children, who became orphaned after the Romania's 1989 revolution were taken in by a charity club named YDNAP founded by Pandy.

They stayed under his care for varying periods of time, "and nobody knows what happened to them, or if they returned home.   5






The Curious Part is The Orphanage

This guy was way more than a serial killer. He was into the dirty business of providing children for blood sacrifices, and other horrible rituals. The super Elite Masoins (Super-Jews) of France often dined on 'jeunes gentils enfants'. To deliver a 7 year-old female child of breeding for a feast, was worth the equivalent of almost one million US Dollars. This man probably made an immense fortune in this line of work.

These are French trillionaires, and after the last episode, the Rothschilds, Warburgs, and Loebs, are not about to suffer another assassination attempt by an angry father.








"Jeunes gentils enfants de régal" .. The monster's feast

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