Swedish Countess In Ugly Divorce Case








A Striking Swedish Beauty

Countess Marie Douglas







She Married A Super Wealthy New York Tycoon







Her Husband, George David, Is 35 Years Her Senior








Was Her Royal Lineage His Ticket To High Society?






The Husband Liked Being Associated With Royalty









A Royal Countess Seeks Divorce

Lawyers for the estranged wife of United Technologies board Chairman George David portrayed him Friday in Hartford Family Court as a cold, calculating spouse, who, despite her medical condition and pending hospital tests in 2004, surprised her with divorce papers.








The Wealthy Millionaire Husband

Abraham David, 67, who has an estimated $329 million filed papers on his estranged wife, 36-year-old Swedish countess Marie Douglas. She characterized him as an inconsiderate, unfeeling, manipulative husband who repeatedly filed divorce papers and then changed his mind, as part of a plan to get her to sign a post-nuptial agreement that is the central issue of their divorce settlement.

"He set her up," said Robert Cohen, a New York City attorney who has represented several celebrities, including Christie Brinkley and Uma Thurman, in their divorces. Cohen, who is also one of Douglas-David's legal counselors, said he had no idea what David was thinking when he would "surprise" Douglas-David with divorce papers and then take trips with her, buy her presents and have sex with her.







The Husband Puts Investigators On Her

David  hired a private detective to follow his wife while she was in Stockholm in 2004.

David said outside the courtroom that he believed his wife was having an affair. He declined to say whether the surveillance produced any proof. 6








The Countess Was A Devil

"She was riding the gravy train," said New York divorce attorney Adria S. Hillman, who, along with retired Connecticut Appellate Court Judge Anne C. Dranginis and attorney Austin McGuigan, are representing David.  4







Swedish Royalty

The Countess was sought after for royal events, but rumors were her husband was not on the 'A-List'.







The Husband Had Affairs

Beslow asked David about lying under oath, "Did you state under oath that you did not recall anywhere on earth you had sex with Wendy Touton?" 

After David said he answered during the deposition that he couldn't remember a specific location, Beslow asked him whether it was true he had sex with Touton at his home in Avon just days before the deposition. David, looking at a transcript of the deposition Thursday, acknowledged that he had said later in the December testimony that it was true.6









Husband Says The Prenuptial Is Voided

Earlier in the day, Dranginis completed their case, questioning Douglas-David about the post-nuptial agreement she signed that provided her with $43 million, primarily in UTC stock, and other assets. Douglas-David, contending the agreement is void.








Abraham Made $65 Million A Year

As the CEO of United Technology he made $65 million in 2007.  7








David's $20 million Yacht

Abraham David lived well. I hope the retirees that bought United Tech stock did that well. 9







They Air Dirty Laundry In Court

The multimillionaire hubby insisting his much younger aristocrat wife was a Swedish Nympho who would drag him to bed against his will.  "I recall one instance when she was very forceful, and I declined, and she exploded," insisted George David.

In Sweden, she raped Mr. David. "Did you have sex with Mrs. David on that one occasion when she forced herself on you?" the lawyer pressed. "That was against your will, wasn't it?" 

"Yes it was," David answered.

She frequently forced him into sex. 7









Her Royal Princess

"I'm very disappointed at the very low level of his accusations."

Her lawyer, Robert Cohen, noted that Princess Douglas weighs 120 pounds soaking wet. "The notion that she could be raping a 226-pound man who's 6-foot-3 is beyond the pale," Cohen said.









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