Crystal Meth Epidemic Hits Iowa







A Meth Lab Was Found At His Factory










 Rabbi Sholom Rubashkin'








La Kosher Nostra Busted In Iowa

Rabbis Blessing More Than Hot Dogs At Postville, Meat Packing Plant!

It been almost a decade since the Rubashkin's and their ultra curly headed tribe invaded, occupied and settled the West Bank of Postville Iowa with a Kosher meat packing plant. And just like in Palestine it did not take long before the curly headed criminal enterprise began to violate the human rights of others and disregard the laws of the United States. So this weeks raid for those of us who have knowledge of their racist self worshipping ways and general lack of respect for all other human beings was no surprise.








The Ring Leaders

The Rubashkin's both Aaron and his son, Rabbi Sholom have some problems and a good deal of explaining to do. Here are a few of those problems. Some eighty percent of their employees were in the country illegally. This includes a number of Jewish Rabbi ice backs smuggled in from Canada apparently to bless Agriprocessor's methamphetamine production.








A Sweatshop Of Immigrants

Many of the employees at Aaron's Best Kosher animal torture sweatshops were children. Not only were its employees and children illegal the non-curly heads among them were exploited to the maximum extent possible. Illegals were paid less than Iowa minimum wage.








The Rabbis Controlled The Housing

Then of course they were required to rent the slum properties of their curly headed plant supervisors. But financial abuse was not the only abuse these poor people suffered. A Guatemalan worker was reportedly tied with duct tape and beaten with an ice hook. What? That's illegal? Curly headed settlers do that sort of stuff all the time to Palestinians in the West Bank, it's no problem.









Kosher Meth Labs

The only real surprise to many of us was that Rubashkin's Postville Plant was producing methamphetamine. Did the Government get this part right? We of course thought that La Kosher Nostra/Mossad would be producing exstasy at this facility. Every one knows that Israeli's are the number one importers of exstasy in the United States.








Israeli Spy Operations

 Many within America's law enforcement establishment know that Mossad's telephone companies, Amdocs, Infosys and others control and monitor virtually all phone and other communications in the United States. This was how they derailed a drug prosecution in Los Angeles, bugged Bill and Monika's phone sex conversations from the Watergate hotel and of course knew where all of the 9/11 hijackers were living prior to 9/11(they naturally were living next door). The fact that the Rubashkin's were not tipped off may indicate that there may be some within our law enforcement agencies that are resisting Zionist occupation. Maybe they are using hand couriers to communicate with each other. This could be a good sign.








How Did The Postville Jews Know About The Raid?

But here is the real story. Remember the Mossad art students that I am always posting about. An army of these dudes were casing D.E.A. offices and their employees throughout America in the year prior to 9/11. You can find the internal D.E.A. report here. Many of these guys had joint responsibilities with the Mossad's Urban Movers of New Jersey(the ones whose celebratory video tape is now classified by our government) to keep tabs on the hijackers planning attacks on the United States. (they forgot to tell us about that)









The Media Will Bury This Story

The story of course will soon be swept under the rug by our Zionist media but stay tuned for future developments. I'll probably have to call the courts to find out what is going on with this one too.








The horror of Postville

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